Anime Request Thread

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QUOTE (wwwwww @ Jan 30 2006, 01:51 AM) would any plz tell me where i can download fate/stay night episodes. i cant use torrents so yeah i need a direct download site or link plz.
Its lisenced so we can't tell you here.

BTW, with most firewalls, you can still use BT. I will be long, but it will work.
ummmm but if someone pm the link to me is that allowed if so can someone do that plz.
QUOTE (wwwwww @ Jan 30 2006, 04:52 PM) ummmm but if someone pm the link to me is that allowed if so can someone do that plz.
or we can just upload it to megauploads and send you the link. you fine with that, even though it's a bit sluggy?
i do prefer a site i dont wanna waste your time but anyway thx for trying to help
Anyone ahvea torrent that has all 24 shuffle eps in one? , tnx in advance
don`t know , i don`t really read a lot of mangas on me pc! , if there were a store who would sell the latest mangas in of new series in english..i`d be there all day..
does anyone know where I can get Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories manga scanlations? I'm hoping to download it before it gets lisenced (like the KH manga T_T)...
Is there some1 know where can i download gundam seed full series? i got some destiny of this series and really want download the left . Pls help
Gundam Seed is licensed and has aired on both American and Canadian television within the past two years, so going with site policy, we cannot directly help you. I will tell you, however, that there are torrents out there for some episodes which I may or may not be downloading right now.
QUOTE (chiisai_hana @ Feb 26 2006, 08:48 PM) @Shin_kuang: Karekano? You can support TokyoPop and buy it

wew is there any free thread for download that manga? cause i already buy for the anime.....
Since it's licensed, we can't tell you where to download it, if it is available. Which is why I said you should go support TokyoPop

(The forum rule, which is repeated everywhere, is that you cannot request any series that is licensed by a US company)
hwy guys what site could i find bunch of anime mangas? can you please post the link!

also do you have chapters 1 to 52 of airgear? just have 23 and 52...
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