Anime Request Thread

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QUOTE (Nino Sage @ Jul 1 2006, 08:32 AM) It's I had troble get the MKV/MP4 to play even after getting the codec.
have you ever tried "media player classic" ??
I went on an extensive search for onmyou taisenki since only starts at ep 37 currently, i got to 28 but i need a place to dl (DIRECT DOWNLOAD no torrent) episodes 29 to 36 for FREE. thank you and i hope for someone who has an answer
does anyone here has the copy of Koori no Mamono no Monogatari and Gorgeous Carat scanlations? i dunno if they are already licensed so pardon me for asking. if one or both of them are already licensed, forget what i've post. but if they aren't, can anyone tell me where i can get them? i really like the story. please! i'll be very grateful for someone who can help me find them.
hmmm...i wonder if you guys have the guts enough to make subs on any anime include the license?
QUOTE (LoCo X @ Jul 3 2006, 03:55 PM) hmmm...i wonder if you guys have the guts enough to make subs on any anime include the license?
Subs is not made by fansub TV. FSTV only give us ddl links for unlicensed anime. Well, not all unlicensed anime is here, so that's why this thread exist.

For your question, licensed anime is not always come first. For some anime, after they reach their final episode, they are getting licensed , so they are already subbed. (For example: FMP: TSR) However some of them, like Fate Stay Night, got licensed even when the series haven't come out.

I'm not sure if I have answered your question, because subs is not by us/FSTV. There are some groups or people who subs the anime. Like yessy, dattebayo, Wind, etc.
Aishiteruze Baby is one that i want to see, or has it been licensed already.

and do anybody have a web site were I can get it from, using the DIRECT

DOWNLOAD and another web site I can get Yaoi anime too.
QUOTE (Nino Sage @ Jul 3 2006, 03:32 PM) The license got cancelled 2 years ago.
Well ... someone needs to update their info then. But you're correct, I see it now on animesuki.

As for where to get yaoi anime .... aarinfantasy's forum will give you direct downloads of everything a yaoi fan needs
Can some one provide me the direct download link or upload of Super Robot Wars: Original Generation OVA, I need episode 1 and 2 only.

BT does not work on my network and most links are BT.
Zoids Genesis has been licensed by ViZ Media, so we can't help you there.
QUOTE (kartulisupp @ Jul 8 2006, 11:32 AM) I know i know many good anime that i dont find
hmmm.....thats terrible.....

How can we help you?
Does anyone know where i can get He is My Master episode 08-12?

Bittorrent is fine.
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