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A lot of people can't use torrents, so a site like animesuki is useless. That's why they come here and ask where to find direct downloads. When the thread originally started, people would upload the episodes for them (or episodes hosted on FSTV since the downloads took so long)


I'm looking for Cosette no Shouzou so if anyone know where I can download it please tell me. And sorry if it's licenced, because I'm not sure if it is.


This thread has been closed because of the disproportionate amount of requests for licensed items. If you honestly don't know whether or not something is licensed, please look it up. By spending a few seconds of your time, you save a few seconds of our time.

Also, in the long run, this thread seems to be heading in a tough direction. We'll have far more people requesting than the people who are doing the research to find what you're looking for.


under the advising of jul10, the thread has been reopened


Thanks daft, for the quick response. If this thread is closed i'm afraid there will be more mess in this anime & manga site.
The easiest way to know if it is licensed or not is to go to you just need to see what anime do you want to ask about, and then click it, scroll down, and see if there is a name of the english company or not.
If yes, then never try to ask where to download that anime in this thread/this fansub
If no, feel free to ask us where to download that anime, if we know we will reply your post.

@valkyrie: dragon quest is licensed.
@kannazero: sister princess is also licensed, but sister princess repure is not licensed.

Next time, make sure to check it again if the anime/manga you want to request is not licensed.


I wonder if my explanation wasn't clear enough?

and for those of you who asked to upload mai otome dvd special 3, which is not provided in this site...

can someone please post / upload the special #3?

i would but i can't use Bit Torrent were i am sad

i have uploaded mai otome dvd special 3.



QUOTE (Daedroth @ May 5 2006, 12:26 PM) I'm looking for Cosette no Shouzou so if anyone know where I can download it please tell me. And sorry if it's licenced, because I'm not sure if it is.
Found it myself after looking for awhile

No need to look for it

PS: Brilliant show, definately in my top 3.


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does anyone has a link for school rumble season2 episode 1 (direct d/l)? i cannot use torrent to d/l it. thanks a lot!!!


thats a good question since School rumble ni gakki is not licensed or does it count as part of school rumble 1. I know fansub is already hosting tsubasa chronicles 2, but why not school rumble 2? is it because of cost?


i have found download links for school rumble nigakki.
<thanks to anime heaven>

Link Removed


School Rumble has been delisted at request by Japanese or American Company


QUOTE (bigsocce @ Dec 6 2005, 09:59 AM) thanks you, permastone, for all your Fan-Upload.

Maybe one of these days Fansub TV will create a new Forum for you to put them in.

Would it be great if there is a

Shuffle Fan-Upload Thread
To Heart Fan-Upload Thread
Karin Fan-Upload Thread (which I would volunteer to upload if there is such a forum)

All we need is about 10 volunteers and each pick a series and upload one episode per week. Heck, I would pick more than one series to do. Permastone probably picks 3 or more series to do.

Right now I am downloading Honey and Clover and it would be a lot better if I can download episode 10 on Fansub and episode 11 on Fansub Fan-Upload forum at the same time.

An additional benefit is that more people that are using Fansub TV would be aware that they can download Karin Ep 4 on Fansub TV and Episode 5 on megaupload (through Fansub TV Fan-Upload Forum). Right now, I don't think more than 10% of all the users are aware of this fact. Check out the Status page and you will see countless people are downloading anime that they could have downloaded faster on megaupload by viewing this thread.

p.s. The thread title is hella misleading. It could be interpret as a REquest to put new anime on FanSub. How about "Anime/Manga Fan-Upload Thread"?

Ok, I am done ranting.


Here are some example of people on FANSUB that could have download the anime faster by reading this thread. Or download 2 anime at the same time (instead of just one).

From the current and using the Karin Series as an example

#165, - [a.f.k.] Karin - 05.avi
#135, - Karin 4 [Suck].avi
#89, - Karin - 02 [Suck].avi
#182, - Karin - 01 [Suck].avi

This Fan-Upload is a complementary to FanSub TV not a direct competition. This would help FanSub gets more ad clicks and allow users to download 2 series at the same time instead of one.

p.s. I am willing to Upload the Karin series + another anime series if there is a Fan Upload Forum where I can create a thread like "Karin Fan-Upload Thread." As of last week, I no longer have any incentive to upload these series when not a lot of people who use Fansub tv know even existed.

Example: Karin 05 on megaupload was downloaded 3 times thus far. I guarentee you it would be at least 30 times by now if it has its own thread in its own Forum.
Look like my suggestion of a forum where fans upload anime is finally realized.

It happens on another website though. Fansub could have done it as a substitution to direct download.


QUOTE (jul10 @ May 11 2006, 04:25 PM) and, i couldn't find the fifth episode, i will upload it from my computer.
well, this is the fifth episode for school rumble second season
Links Removed

Note:School Rumble has been delisted at request by Japanese or American Company


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Could someone please upload the Jollyroger version of Noiseman Sound Insect? I was so happy to see that it was here because I've been wanting to see it for YEARS, but then when I clicked on it, I found that it's only available in torrent form. ;_; My university blocks all peer to peer programs, so there's no way I'll be able to get it. *sigh* I would be eternally grateful if someone could please upload it to sendspace, yousendit, or megaupload or such.

Thank you so much! I'm also willing to do a trade too if anyone's interested. ^^
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