Anime North


I was just checking out when the next CON might be in Toronto (As it's a small buss drive away.) Sadly I just missed Anime-CON (happened over the weekend) and Stumbled across Anime North.

So I can't be the only person who lives near Toronto here, Has anyone been to Anime North? Is anyone planning on going this year?

I was reading over last years event plan and it looks like it might be fun. I'm hopping they will bring back the Sayonara Zetsubou-Sensei panel/viewings/event.


Nope, it's too north for me to go there. It'll be a 9 hour drive, and I hate driving.


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The only major cons that I know of that are around me are MegaCon, MetroCon, and AFO. Aside from that there are a few others that are on the west coast of the state I'm currently residing in. I would go to those other cons, but it's out of stae and it takes too much time and effort to go for me.

Maybe after I finally graduate I'll check out those cons outsie the state for once.


This will be my first CON. I've always been a video gamer, but Comics have never really been my thing. I only found interest in Manga/anime in the last year or so.

Also, I'll be going in cosplay xP I deiced to go all out.
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