Anime Music Thread

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QUOTE (MKK2004 @ Jul 23 2005, 01:53 PM) again, Honey and Clover showed me just how awesome a good drama can be in a u guys heres a treat

the insert song of episode 13

i got more of the insert songs~~~

episode 14

episode 2

"This is the first music thread of Fansub TV. It may ended up as a failure, but it will be a beginning of a success." - MKK2004
thank you MKK! i have been searching a bit for these songs


OK Adding some mp3 from Tenjou Tenge

Makenai ~Ichizu Version~ (ED from the OVA)

Get Up! Stand Up! (Bob Makihara's character song)

Honnou no Kokyuu (Nagi Souichirou's character song)

Kattou (Masataka Takayanagi's character song)

Seize the chance (Maya Natsume's character song)

I've got the OP/ED so if anyone wants that as well,just request


well i should travel the forums more ofetn if i didn't just download the entire soundtrack from mirc i could have got this song a long time ago whle trying to not to go insane wonder what the song was actually called - but thanks anyway - greag song.


hey, does any1 know where to get the ost?