Anime Music Thread

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Bleach's- Nothing Can Be Explained - but a vocal version

man... rapidshare really isnt being very rapid at the mo....
blech - intro tv size - bleach's first OP - alot better than the second.

My fav OP of SEED destiny OP3

Gundam SEED Destiny 3rd opening - the one before the one at the mo...

whats the happy hour thing on rapidshare?

not anime - but heres Final fantasy VII's boss music performed by the black mages - save this one for the fans - unless no one is - then just go mad with it.

Those_who_fight_further - ff7 BOSS THEME

just a few to start u off.
im a fan of the ff7 boss music. but i have it already. thanks anyway, do you have the bleach ending theme. where they feature a captain with the subcaptain. the one that's different every episode? full version or tv version..
ok i think i should set a standard posting. this way its easier to find the song and more organized...

plz post in order of...

[Anime name] (anime and song name MUST be colored)
[Song name]
[artist IF want to]
[download link]

onimike heres the song u requested...

Houki Boshi

Download link here

heres a new single from Izama Asami who did the 2nd ED of Eureka Seven
(recommending #2 Circle of Life)

Eureka Seven
Fly Away

Download link here
rapidshare happy hours are times when you don't have to wait to download or something... i just glanced at their faq. i don't know much about rapidshare except that you scroll down to the free button and that links to the download page. anyway, this installment is anime music i had trouble finding a while ago.

bleach op1:
asterisk (full, not exactly like the tv rip but good)
download link here

asterisk ~romantic version~ (long, weird, nothing like tv rip)
download link here
both by orange range

basilisk ed1/2:
hime murasaki (plays at end of first ep, and ROCKS.)
download link here

wild eyes (end for most eps, not bad)
download link here
both by nana mizuki
Yo is the new bleach ending (happy peoples in the house, or w/e it called) out yet????I LOVE THAT SONG!!! GET IT!!!
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