AIR TV - In Summer

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I think there's going to be more AIR TV. It's probably going to be the alternative story.. the one with Kanna.


YES. excellent. the loose ends got tied up pretty well in that arc, but hey, more Air. that was a really good part of the story, i liked kanna about as much as misuzu and enjoyed the parallels.

edit: what's with that rooster? that'd better not be another sora-type creature. i was not a fan of that idea.

edit edit: nevermind. watched 13, remembered rooster. all is well.
My favorite storylines in Air were Kano and Kanna's, so I'm definitely looking forward to this. Even if it isn't set in the feudal era for the entirety, I was still psyched to see this at the end of Air 13.

~ SP
ah so thats what they meant w/ the preview in ep 13. dyr really showing all the alternates endings too, true to form w/ hentai games ^___^
shit, i hope so. i really like air tv. though sad, it ranks up there as one of my favorites. good music too. if there's going to be another season or an alternative story, i'm going to have to get it.
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