Ah My Goddess


can somebady tell me how many volumes/chapters is this manga and if it is finished yet or not


Currently, this manga is 31 volumes long and doesn't seem to be stopping anytime soon.


Make that 34 volumes 220 chapters a new one was released today at the usual place

The Goddess Miyaku Team
chapter 220 - "The Goddess Beyond the Lens"

Aww its not a Skuld episode this time


Fansub TV Team
Well AMG is a really good manga
, I don´t know I guess it was the second or the third manga series I´ve bought
. But well maybe I´m the only one who thinks in this way but the latest chapters of AMG are not really that good, if you compare them with the chapters in the past, and the drawing style, well it´s still good but somehow I liked the style around the chapters 75 etc... much more as the current drawing style, for example the eyes of Belldandy. But it´s still a good series, also it is not as good as it was


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QUOTE (darkness_n_destruction @ Feb 01 2007, 07:21 AM) Has warchico-san read the whole manga before??

ive only read it up to around ch70......

(i think the manga is better than AMG S2.......
U should read futher, the real fun starts at aprox. ch 100 Sigel and stuff.

AND get OVA it is a bit closer to manga U'll see


Wow no one has updated this thread in a while> I'm up to episode 229 which just came out, but its in the middle of a story arc . The untranslated ones are up to 232 now. the 2 new ovas followed the manga very closley. I posted in the anime section which chapters they used for the ovas. check around dec 9


The anime jumps around all over

QUOTE Anime-Manga comparison season 2

TV Ep. Manga Episode
*ep 1 ?
*ep 2 Ch 16 - The Thing that Belldandy Truely Wanted!
*ep 3 Ch 44 - The Queen of Vengeance
*ep 4 Ch 90 - Without Letting Go of Your Hand
*ep 5 Ch 06 - Camera - Mission Accomplished!
*ep 6 Ch 57 - Fallen Angel
*ep 7 Ch 66-67 - The Fourth Goddess (Peorth)
*ep 8 Ch 68-69 - The Fourth Goddess con't (more Peorth)
*ep 9 Ch 70,72 - The Fourth Goddess con't (even more Peorth)
*ep 10 Ch 73 - The Fourth Goddess con't (even more Peorth)
*ep 11 Ch 77 - Hail to the Chief (Chihiro Fujimi)
*ep 12 Ch 55 - Jealous Love (The Troubadour)
*ep 13 Ch 74 - Childhoods End (Sentaro)(Skuld)
*ep 14 Ch 80 _ Pretty In Scarlet (Noble Scarlet)(even more Skuld)
*ep 15 Ch 60-62 - The Devil in Miss Urd (Karaoke Hell)(Evil spirits 200 proof)
*ep 16 Ch 63-64 - The Devil in Miss Urd con't (Sculd Strikes Back)(the Battle for Urd)
*ep 17 Ch 135 - What the Daimakaicho Wants (Hild (Urds Mom))
*ep 18 Ch 140 - The Morisato Residence is Empty(Hild and Mara
*ep 19 Ch 52-53 - Ninja Master
*ep 20 Ch 105-106-107 - (Goddess Invalidation)(Spread Out Spread Out) (If You Are There)
*ep 21 No match new story? belldandy accidently gets demon licence
*ep 22 No match new story? Hild tries to steal Keiichi

DVD extras for Season 2 released in Japan feb 22 or 23

ep 23 Chapter 48 - (The forgotten Promise)
ep 24 Chapter 193-195 - (Important words)(Overflowing

Ova 1 Kouhen:

Ch 155 Fighting Wings
Ch 156 One Who Is Pleased With Fighting
Ch 157 The Wing Dances
Ch 158 One-Winged Angel Appears

Ova 2 Zenpen:

Ch 159 A Growing Trick
CH 160 Now,What Must Be Done
Ch 161 One Wing
CH 162 Goddess of the Ax
Ch 163 Fighting Wings, Soar
Ch 164 Joy and Duty
Ch 165 Together with the Twin
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