Advice on those double post FTV Boo boo


-プリムラ こいびと
Well I've been looking on how those boo boo pages happen. So I see how you can prevent a double, triple, quad, etc... post

Every time you get a boo boo after trying to post, in most case it has been posted but couldn't give u the resulting page. If you want to make sure it worked just open a new tab up and check the section or click back and press preview - if your post went through, it will show when you're previewing your post. Alternatively, press back to just before you had posted, and refresh the page - if your post went through then it should be displayed. Do not repost immediately without checking or you may cause double posts. Nine out of 10 times, the post was actually posted when a boo-boo page appears.
This can resolve some cases where the delete button (which no longer exists) issue is brought up - you wont need it anymore.

Note: If mod believe this post or thread should be with the delete key thread, do so. I just wanted to let people know how to preview double posting for the sempai and below - except when the sempai double post in the the Trouble Shooting area lol.

Note: Edited for grammatical/spelling errors.
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