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I would be interested in helping out if you are still looking for people. I have experience in a number of areas that I think might be helpful to your cause. I spent three years in college torn between graphic design and information science before I decided to do network systems administration. I am familiar with layout design, CSS and PHP. I wouldn't expect to be redesigning your entire enterprise, but rather helping develop and maintain parts that need attention. I also have experience in systems and database administration should that be required.

I am capable of doing graphics work. However, despite my art background it is not something that I am actively persuing. I've found graphics design in general to be a mostly thankless position, wide open to wild criticism from anyone with a pirated copy of photoshop and an opinion. But I digress...

Suffice to say I enjoy anime. I've come to outgrow the most popular series that make the fansub rounds now, but there is still a fair portion of it that I do enjoy. I also have a recurring interest in manga scanlations. I used to be big into fighting games, but have seen enough of my time disappear down that hole to have my interest cooled.

Let me know if you could use my help.