a good registry cleaner?

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hi im new to the forum and was looking for a vista reg cleaner can anyone suggest one?


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on topic, I don't know any vista registry cleaners since I switched to 7 and now use EnhancemySe7en or something like that.


-CCCP taika
Though this probably is spam (who looks for computer help on an anime forum unless they're already a regular member), I still would like to just say no. Registry cleaning has never been proven to be actually useful and the possible risk of deleting needed registry entries outweighs any possible performance increase. Instead I would suggest disabling startup programs and services that you don't need and deleting temp files if you want a performance increase. But if you must "clean" your registry then I would suggest scrutinizing each entry before letting the program delete them. (i.e. use a program that allows you to see what is to be deleted and to selectively disable certain entries from being removed)
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