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Just wanted to make this thread to share what I just made for my final project for my 3ds Max class. Also I was curious if there is anyone else who use the program and made some stuff on it.

Here my creation I made my PSP with custom skin on it ^^ yall wont be shock what I have on it XD.

I had did some other while I was still learning the program but it not as good as this. I put in some time on this =D

Look like a real PSP =)


Hey, that's very cool. I'm looking into getting a student license of Autodesk's 3ds Max and Maya, but at like ~$300 a pop each it'll set me back quite a bit. The full license is like $2000+ and I can't justifiably purchase one of those unless I have some full-time artists working for me.


-プリムラ こいびと
yay someone actually reply lol after 2 months >.>....

Yea those program cost too much... although there still a way to get them...>.<.... but if you get it that way make sure u dont make money from it lol.


I use 3DS Max 6, cracked obcourse lol Unfortunatly we dont have a course on using it at school:( But I have played around with it, havent made anything crazy like your PSP designXD Gj, looks nice^^ I do have many friends who are super pros at it, one of my buds used the program to create map designs for the new MMORPG game, Perfect World.


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Unfortunately I don't know how to use 3DS Max - never had the chance to learn it at school, and I'm not comfortable with the format to learn it myself. I use SolidEdge for all of my 3D modeling - which is much more natural to me. Unfortunately though, the rendering engine is apparently not quite so good (not all that many options of materials/colors etc) because it's designed for engineering graphics...it doesn't have to pretty, it has to be effective.

After seeing this thread though, I've started to make a DS in my spare time, and am a little over half done now (really taking my time on this) - maybe be done next week and I'll post up a few images~


Pretty cool, do you ever have anything without Primula on it? You crazy fanboy XD

I find 3ds max a bit heavy and complicated since I don't plan to work as a 3d gfx designer I never bothered to learn it... Basic stuff is much easier in Cinema 4d though, cause it's more user-friendly.
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