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The Autumn season was on the whole stronger than summer as while not many shows were truly outstanding many were very enjoyable especially if it is a genre you dig into. This season was especially good in the horror department as we got two good ones with Mieruko-chan and Tricornered Window. Beyond that there is the highly anticipated anime of Jobless Reincarnation part 2 and 86 that for the most part largely delivered on their promises. Whilst the second part of Jobless Reincarnation is not on the same level as its predecessor, it was very good watch and if you liked the first part I would recommend watching it. It is certainly the best isekai of the season. 86 part 2 was a vast improvement over season one but due to production issues the final episodes have been postponed until the early part of 2022. My final review for that will come later so stay tuned.

What I will say is that arguably the best show of the season was Ousama Ranking but since it is still airing a final score cannot be given although for those that have to not watched I would seriously recommend giving it a go. Don't be fooled by the childish artwork as this show with its complex characters make this anything but that.

The other big notable show to air in Autumn that remains incomplete is Demon Slayer: The Entertainment arc. Whilst it got off to a somewhat auspicious start the latest developments are pure vintage Demon Slayer. Amazing! But again, I can't give a final score as it is only around the halfway mark (I think). For ecchi lovers you will need to wait a wee bit longer due to the much-loved World's End Harem being postponed to the winter season due to production (censorship?) issues. Let's hope the censors don't butcher that series!

So without further ado here are my recommendations from the autumn season!

Monsta recommendations

Mireuko-chan (comedy/horror)


Miko is a girl with magic powers who is able to see spirits. Despite trying to put a brave face she is completely petrified from what she sees but tries her best to hold back the tears so as to not get her best friend; Hana involved in her troubles. Unfortunately for her the spirits keep coming, and worse they try and speak to Miko and it is not long before she is at the end of her teether. How long can Miko maintain the charade or what will happen if Hana finally finds out?

Normally I am one to shy away from horror/comedies as I don't think the combination generally works but to the writers' credit this anime manages to nail it! The laughs, suspense and horror never seem to undermine each other, and it is like they could generate the right moods at will. It was really something. Those good points coupled with the likeable characters and wholesome relationships mean this is one of the show’s most people can enjoy. If there is one thing that could prove detrimental is the level of fanservice that is pretty brazen. However, this quickly tones down in later episodes so it is something to worry about as it is not a prominent theme in the anime. Overall rating 8/10.

Irina: The Vampire Cosmonaut (sci-fi/romance)

The story is a bit whack and is based on the cold war space race where the Federal Republic of Zirnitra (USSR) is competing with United Kingdom of Arnack (USA) to send a man into space. The Republic of Zirnitra is concerned over the safety of their rockets however and are fearful over the fact they may kill one of their cosmonauts who are national heroes. To prevent such an eventuality happening the government decides to send a vampire into space so the technology can be proven before sending their own into space. But with vampires seen as a sort of underclass in this world what will happen to Irina once her mission is complete?

Yes, the series sounds crazy, but I will openly attempt I am a fan of hard sci-fi (and romance for that matter) so this show really hit my buttons. Despite the crazy addition of a vampire to the space race story there is a lot of real-life facts mentioned in this show. If you are space race boffin, it is likely you can spot some of the hidden details pushed in this show so I would advise you keep a close eye on scenes that largely reflect real life events. It is not just historic facts that this series get right but also the characters in this show. Irina is a strong-willed girl who is prepared to do what it takes to follow her dreams and is fully aware of the realities that await her. I like women who can stand their ground so this was nice but was even better was her love interest, Lev who also had some admirable traits of his own. Unlike many MC's this guy has great qualities that makes the romance both believable and endearing. A hidden gem from this autumn season. Overall rating 8/10.

Genre specific recommendations

Isekai recommendation

Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation part 2 (isekai/action)

The premise of Jobless Reincarnation was nothing to write home about but what made this stick out over the avalanche of isekai series that has come out is the execution in how the anime delivers its story. The way season one presented Rudeus Greyrat and is life as he grew up was great and it was a journey for both our MC and the audience in learning about this compelling world he was inhabiting. It was great stuff and I would recommend you watch part 1 because of it!

Whilst the second season is not quite of the same calibre what it losses in some great character building it makes up with a great sense of adventure as Rudeus and his cousin Eris explore the various lands looking for a way to get back home. The adventures he gets up to are great and this all culminates in highly charged emotional scenes near the end. It is an ending that is likely to appeal to many but didn't quite do it for me but overall, this was still a very good ride and if you already saw the first season then this is something you gotta watch. Overall rating 7.5/10.

Horror recommendation

The Night Beyond The Tricornered Window (horror/thriller)

This is another horror series that almost rivals Mieruko-chan in delivering great entertainment. In fact, if horror/thrillers are more your thing then this could even outshine Mieruko-chan. Tricornered Window tells the tale of Mikado Kousuke who can see spirits and other supernatural phenomenon. Scared of what he sees he suppresses his powers until one fateful day when he meets Rihita Hiyakawa who promises to remove all his fears if only he helps him in solving various supernatural mysteries.

Just by reading that description you will likely get similar vibes to Mieruko-chan synopsis but in this anime the story is told in a more serious manner and in its later stages, when the stakes get raised, it runs more like a pure thriller. There is good character development and growth with most of the main cast being relatable and likeable in their own ways. However, there are some things that can ruffle the feathers of some as this is heavy in yaoi content. It is not just the yaoi that could prove to be a potential pain-point; there is also the unhealthy relationship that develops between Mikado and Rihita. It can get a little disturbing, but this dynamic is addressed and ultimately things do take a turn for the better so don't get your panties in a twist and if you persevere with some of the outlandish dialogue and scenes you will be rewarded. Overall rating 7.5/10.

Here is the ranking list I have based on the reviews I made for anime released this autumn season:

2021 Autumn season anime list:

01 – Mieruko-chan - 8/10
02 –
Irina: The Vampire Cosmonaut - 8/10
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------<- monsta recommended line
03 –
Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation part 2 - 7.5/10
04 –
The Night Beyond The Tricornered Window - 7.5/10
05 –
Aquatope of White Sand - 7.5/10
06 –
The Great Jahy Will Not Be Defeated! - 7.5/10
07 –
Demon Slayer: Infinity Train Arc - 7/10
08 –
Sakugan - 7/10
09 –
Faraway Paladin - 7/10
10 –
Taishou Otome Otogibanashi - 6.5/10
11 –
The World's Finest Assassin Gets Reincarnated - 6.5/10
12 –
Restaurant To Another World 2 - 6.5/10
13 –
My Senpai is Annoying - 6/10
14 –
Takt Op. Destiny - 6/10
15 –
Yuuki Yuuna is a Hero: The Mankai Chapter - 5/10
16 –
Komi Can't Communicate - 4/10


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