Review 2021 Autumn preliminary reviews: Takt Ops, reincarnated assassins and problems communicating!

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Next three also has heavier hitters with perhaps one of the most anticipated releases with Komi Can't Communicate. Loads of people were itching for this to come out but I don't know, I think it had a problem communicating with me as the jokes fell flat. Fortunately Takt Ops proved to be a more entertaining series with not just its action but its road trip type vibe. Definitely one to check out. Finally we got another isekai series. I know, I know! We are flooded with series from this genre but there is a hidden sauce that keeps the punters coming from more. Well it is not really a secret perhaps open secret?! Ok, I will get the point and spill the beans. The sauce to this anime is the cute and hawt girls which come out in force! If that is your thing watch then go for it! Beware the assassin protag is rather serious so don't expect harem action here. But did I say the girls were hot? :p

Takt Op. Destiny

The backstory here can fill you with a sense of trepidation due to its uninspired premise of rampaging monsters that are only vulnerable to the attacks of certain magical characters but don't let that fool you into thinking this is some lame series. As is often the case with anime; the summary doesn’t always do the series justice. This is one of those instances. What one should note is this series is animated by Mappa so the production values will be good in this one. Sure, enough it doesn’t disappoint as we some gorgeous scenic shots throughout the season opener. What is more this series takes place in the US and has the feeling of a big road trip adventure. It has got good vibes and whilst the anime takes place in the year 2047 this definitely has a 60-70s feeling that certain people could enjoy.

If there is one disappointment, I would have with the animation it would be from the action scenes itself as often you lost a lot of character details in that moment plus the whole animation seemed decidedly choppy. The other bone of contention would be on the character of Takt who did often act like a bit of an ass especially towards Cosette. Then again both Takt and Cosette seem to be lacking and social skills with both seemingly singularly focused on one thing. Takt plays music, Cosette beats D2. Anything else doesn’t matter. It’s funny and it does work plus our other Anne is there to add some sanity to this bunch.

The second episode is a bit of a deep dive as we go back in time. In this episode we explore the backstory behind Takt and Cosette seeing how their relationship grew. We see another side to Cosette and it is endearing seeing the way she acted. The same couldn’t be said for Takt however who is still wearing his tunnel vision goggles. There is drama right at the end which sums up the dynamics of the world. I would say this second episode was actually better suited as the opener but I can see why they did it this way. In any case Takt Op. is worth watching for its unique American setting that takes a lot from the 60/70s period. Action/music fans and those after something different or nostalgia are the target audience for this anime. 7/10 for me after the first couple of episodes.


Sekai Saikou no Ansatsusha, Isekai Kizoku ni Tensei suru

The season opener just throws everything at the viewer! We get some cute hawt girls, maids and a whole bunch of action not to mention sniper girls, magic and assassins! Wow! If you like your action and if you like you that action to be filled with cute girls then watch this anime! That basically sums up the first half of the opening episode.

The focus on the second part is on our veteran assassin Lugh who attempts to escape his pursuers. While he does avoid the immediate danger it is all for naught as he ends up dying anyway in the most extravagant manner possible. As they say: if it is your time, it is your time! We then get that classic isekai scene where the main hero has his option laid down and while a choice is given you just know he will take the option to be an assassin in the next life! Entertaining stuff so far not sure I will expect a whole lot of depth story wise. It does have some nice eye candy plus the action scenes are good so far so I am sure this could attract a bunch of anime fans.

It doesn’t take a genius to tell that our assassin picks the option to retain his memories and that he also accepts his “final” assassination mission. The details of mission are laid to bear but to help make this challenge manageable he can pick his skillsets in this life. The man is creative so he picks a combination of skills which have a synergy with each other but a twist is made as one of his skills isn’t revealed. Can anyone guess what that will be? The rest of episodes is devoted to how he grows up and manages his new life. It is entertaining and his mum is a big tease! Overall, the pacing has been measured, I would call it slow but it hasn’t blasted off the marks. Instead, the writers have taken their time to lay out all the groundwork and get us familiar with the characters and world. Nothing is draggy so it has been a good ride but no cigar just yet. Promising start so 6.5/10 I will stand by the earlier call saying this is for the action folk who also like their girls and fanservice.


Komi Can't Communicate

Can’t say I was really impressed with this one. While it was kinda amusing to see Komi get stage fright several times throughout the episode but I am not really sure you can repeat the same gag over and over without it becoming old hat. The faces and expressions she pulls are funny and amusing granted but I would like to know more about Komi than simply being that shy person who has trouble speaking. If that is all there is then I can see this series getting stale really quick.

On the more positive side there was an endearing moment at the blackboard when she basically poured her heart out to Tadano about her difficulties speaking. The understanding they reached was nice and hopefully a relationship builds from here. It is troubling though that for this being a comedy the vast majority of the jokes fell flat on me (to me the jokes are simply variation of the same thing). I hope things improve in episode two otherwise I may well end up dropping this.

Things initially take a turn for the better when we are introduced to the eccentric Najimi Osana who is in many ways the polar opposite of Komi and Tadano as he or she (the gender is ambiguous) appears to have the gift of the gab. I was hoping their social flare would add a little flavour to the mix unfortunately (for me at least) the series reverts back to the same gags we saw before. For example, all the major punchlines in this episode are exactly the same as before namely, Komi freezing like a deer in headlights only for the other person to comically misunderstand her true intentions. I didn’t find the joke to be particularly funny the first time round so for it to be repeated more than once on EPISODE TWO suggests this show has no variety in its jokes. If there is something positive I can say it would be the range of emotions animated is impressive so maybe that is the charm of the series. To me though good animation can’t really save the lacklustre writing. I will give this a 4/10 and am not sure if I will watch further episodes.



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