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This trio has quite a range! We start off with the another big hitter in Jobless Reincarnation. I am sure lots of people will dive into that but the other series are a unique mix. This season holds yet another vampire series in the shape of Laika who is a lady vampire who wants to be the first being sent into outer space! It is quite the twist to the classic space race we all remember. It is not USA vs USSR though no it is UZSR vs UK! Finally for those yaoi lovers out there we got boy on boy action in the mystery (horror?) tricornered window. If you like bishies then you be sure to give this a crack! Ahh the guys crack not mine that is... ;)


Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation (Part 2)

The isekai genre maybe oversaturated and on face value the plot is not all that but Jobless Reincarnation was one of the main highlights of this winter 2021 season. I would recommend giving season one a go. As always there was some controversy over this show and this centred on her main protag Rudeus who is a big pervert with little social graces (he was a shut-in in a former life). That leads to the point of various ecchi scenes and due to the age of the characters (Silvy, Eris) this ruffled the feathers of some anime viewers. It is basically your standard anime affair so if you are comfortable with that then you should be okay to watch this show.

The series does carry an ecchi tag on MAL but this mainly comes as we hear Rudeus’s parents have sex at various point in season one (nothing is actually seen apart from some pillow talk) plus there is a scene when Roxy peeps in on the parents, gets horny and decides to do a little serving on herself.

Anyhow as for the episode itself, it just sets out its stall by highlighting the difficulties our trio face in getting back. Maybe my memory is off here but Rudeus seemed a bit more perverted than I remember previously. More important however is we get various sightings of Roxy and the fact it happened more than once suggests there the pair will meet in some significant fashion. We also get a wild introduction that will turn a few heads but most significant thing in this interaction is what Rudeus gains from this chance encounter. It will certainly change the dynamics of the series going forward but how it does is an open question. Intriguing start.

We then get to see the events unfold through the eyes of Roxy and our companions as they are out in the search for Paul. It would seem that one of her crew is as horny (and pervy) as out main man Rudeus and here we do get some saucy scenes. It is an eyeopener but the real plot comes at the latter part of the episode when Rudeus and his team finally manage to get onboard a ship. What seems like a brief encounter with smugglers turns into drama and Rudeus lands in hot water as the episode ends with a cliff-hanger. The first two episode has a lot going for it and I do look forward to watching more so 7/10 from what I have seen so far.


Tsuki to Laika Nosferatu

Sometimes anime can put some interesting twists to long established stories and inserting a vampire into the space race certainly qualifies as that. Most of the running time for the opening episode is devoted to setting up the overall premise as we are introduced to Lev who is effectively Laika’s handler in getting her trained up to become a cosmonaut. We are given information about the abilities of vampires and also gain a little insight into the mindset of Laika who unsurprisingly is rather suspicious of humans. With a decent backdrop of a story and all the characters being level headed (so far) the series has started on a good note.

In the second episode we dive headlong into training as Laika’s journey to become a cosmonaut truly begins. There is a bunch of things she does to train and while each training scene is entertaining in its own way what we also learn are tid bits of Laika’s personality as she more expressive in this epi. It becomes clear the girl is competitive and has her pride but we also learn one of her primal fears. There is also an amusing scene right at the end involving lemons. Random but good. To cap this all off there is hints of intrigue and small little twist.

Again, another good episode and I see this anime could interest those who are into space anime. There are hints of internal strive plus there is underlying theme of discrimination. I don’t how far they will push that issue but beyond that there are cute girls in Laika and Anya which will surely appeal to certain anime fans. This series does have a number of things going for it so it gets a 7/10 for me.


The Night Beyond the Tricornered Window

I have not seen many good supernatural mystery series so I was interested in giving this a go despite my apprehension with the trailer. The trailer gave me mixed feelings as while the mystery side looked good the bit that had me nervous was the heavy BL (boy love) undertones which while not ideal is tolerable for me however the fact this relationship was well, a little lopsided made me really wonder where this would go.

As for the actual episode itself it does kind of live up to the mystery/BL vibe I got from the trailer. I do like the way Kosuke can see ghosts but the whole linking up was basically a play at adding some highly suggestive sex talk. Don’t know if that is your thing but the guys are pretty hot so it could go down with the yaoi crowd who knows. The setup for the mystery elements is done well enough but not sure how many anime fans will be in the long run for this. There were some raunchy lines said in this episode. YAAAAOI!

The plot thickens in the second episode as we are introduced to Keita Mukae (another hottie for those BL lovers) who seems to also have a supernatural sense. He is not the only character in this episode to sense spirits as there is another figure who can accomplish similar feats. These latest additions certainly add to the mystery factor and are good developments however like before the relationship strive also thickens as the prime source of drama seems to come from the possible love triangle of Keito, Rihito and Kousuke. This is a mixed bag on me as while the mystery and supernatural parts of this show is definitely appealing it is the direction of the BL that leaves slightly apprehensive. I am not really digging Kousuke's attitude as while it is still early days he does seem to be exhibiting some rather controlling and abusive behaviour. The actual plot holds some promise though so 6/10 and we see what the next episodes hold!



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