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  1. monsta666

    Type Moon news

    Type Moon Newz!!! Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya Licht - Namae no Nai Shōjo movie Type Moon fans rejoice! I make a news annoucement (I use the term news loosely) stating a bunch of releases that is bound to get Type Moon fans excited. First and foremost is the long awaited Illya movie that is...
  2. Karen type moonSlavever2

    Karen type moonSlavever2

    Re-upload of the FTV Type Moon slave banner to avoid photo bucket.Direct url to the file: https://www.maikuando.tv/board/uploads/gallery/album_3/gallery_1_3_2185.jpg Use the following code in your signatures to replace it and link to the Type Moon thread...
  3. Maiku_Ando's Signature

    Maiku_Ando's Signature

    A reduced sized version from the Rin Tohsaka gallery for my signature.