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  1. monsta666

    Review Higurashi: When They Cry – Sotsu review

    Review Higurashi: When They Cry – SOTSU otherwise known as Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Sotsu is a supernatural, horror/thriller series which was first released in the summer 2021. When They Cry – SOTSU is the fifth and latest season in the Higurashi franchise and is a direct sequel to Gou. If you...
  2. monsta666

    Review Prequel watch - Higurashi: When They Cry – Gou review

    When They Cry - Gou is an anime of two halves. The first 13 episodes of this show are devoted to the retelling of events from the original When They Cry series whilst the final 11 episodes take the franchise into new directions! Beware that this season has no conclusion and if you wish to see...
  3. monsta666

    Episode Summary Higurashi Sotsu Episode 15 (SEASON FINALE!)

    Episode 15 Hanyuu makes the bold admission that she used to be like Eua and not believe in miracles! Eua remains unmoved by Hanyuu’s words and ends her speech with a big wallop! Back in the real world, Rika has got Satoko in the corner... Surely, surely it is done! Satoko reminds Riko...
  4. monsta666

    Episode Summary Higurashi Sotsu Episode 14

    Episode 14 Rika asks menacingly how Satoko could know the contents of the present. Realising the game is up, Satoko decides to pull the trigger to stop Rika finding out more. With Rika dispatched Satoko takes her own life to end this crazy fragment... Rika gets up with what seems like a...
  5. monsta666

    Episode Summary Higurashi Sotsu Episode 13

    Episode 13 Hanyuu believe it? She found Eua in the sea of fragments! But Eua is a rascal like Satoko and has a few tricks up her sleeve! She reveals to Hanyuu that she has the ability to see all much to her amazement. Things are not much better on Rika’s end as she has given up on this...
  6. monsta666

    Episode Summary Higurashi Sotsu Episodes 11-12

    Episode 11 We get a painful reminder of what happened last week with some VERY bloody scenes After the carnage Satoko washes herself off A cheerful Rika comes over to greet Satoko who is most pleased to see her. Rika offers to help clean the house but Satoko rebuffs this by saying she...
  7. monsta666

    Episode Summary Higurashi Sotsu Episodes 9-10

    Episode 9 We get a brief respite from the climax of the previous episode as Satoko reflects on what she has become after all these loops. Eua does ponder if Satoko is even human at this point. Interesting question she is throwing out… After that moment of reflection, we are sucked back into...
  8. monsta666

    Episode Summary Higurashi Sotsu Episodes 7-8

    Episode 7 After the carnage of the previous episode Satoko takes a moment to reflect on recent events and what she can do to get the cat to stay. Satoko is confident that she has everything in the bag but Eua ominously reminds her that if she dies before the cat, it is game over. Was that a...
  9. monsta666

    Episode Summary Higurashi Sotsu Episodes 5-6

    Episode 5 The episode opens up with a quick cooking lesson outside. As usual Satoko is up to her usual mischief and it is not long before everyone’s dishes our fouled in some way. Calamities aside in this episode we discover Mion is developing feelings for Keiichi and she takes a moment...