remake our life

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  1. monsta666

    Episode Summary Episode Summary Remake our Life! Episode 12 (SEASON FINALE!)

    Episode 12 Keiko asks if Kyoya is ready to travel back in time. He says yes without hesitation. She reminds him of what he losing by going back. His wife, his daughter and a stable job where he is respected and needed. There is a long silence. He recalls a sea of memories. Finally, he...
  2. monsta666

    Episode Summary Remake our Life! Episode 11

    Episode 11 Inspired by the words of Nanoko, Kyoya can no longer watch the company's main game Mystic Clockwork spiralling into ruin. He decides to take action in the solving the games problems by taking it up with the CEO. The CEO is quick to remind him that there are certain aspects of the...
  3. monsta666

    Episode Summary Remake our Life! Episodes 9-10

    Episode 9 Kyoya adjusts to the fact that he is back in the year 2018 and is the father to a young child named Maki and husband to Aki. He tries to make sense of what has happened as not only has the timeline changed from the original 2016 but his whole living situation is nothing like it was...
  4. monsta666

    Episode Summary Remake our Life! Episodes 7-8

    Episode 7 After the events of episode sixes bombshell Sayuri; Tsurayuki’s fiancée decides to cook a nice meal for the gang. Tsurayuki is less than pleased dealing with this development. But it would seem there is something else is brewing and I am not talking about the food… Despite those...
  5. monsta666

    Episode Summary Remake our Life! Episodes 5-6

    Episode 5 After the roasting Nanako got dished out in the previous episode she has gotten over her initial grievousness and has decided to put her all into training to be a singer. In a moment of downtime Nanako has a heart-to-heart conversation with Kyoya and thanks him for his inspiration...
  6. monsta666

    Episode Summary 2021 Summer Season Anime Preliminary Review part 4

    In this part of my preliminary reviews, I will be revisiting the anime I reviewed in part 1 of this series. Just to recap the anime I will be looking at are: Vanitas No Carte, All Routes Lead to Doom, The Detective Is Already Dead, Re-Main and Remake Our Life. Since I would have covered four...
  7. monsta666

    Episode Summary 2021 Summer Season Anime Preliminary Review part 1

    Hold on to your shirts because we got a whole load of anime this season! Being swamped for series can be a drag that is why I will be offering my initial insights after watching the opening two episodes. Hopefully my comments will help in deciding what series is worth watching and what can be...