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  1. Maiku_Ando

    Maho Nishizumi Doll Project - Part 1 - Where to Start

    Being a doll collector and a huge fan of Maho Nishizumi from Girls Und Panzer I have been quite disappointed at the total lack of any Maho dolls from any of the doll companies, therefore this is the story of my project to make my own Maho Nishizumi doll in 1/3 size (approx 48-50cm). First lets...
  2. Maiku_Ando

    The New Blog

    Welcome to my new blog! Picture: Maho eating Pocky. Why? Because awesomeness. This was supposed to have all of the old posts imported from Wordpress by now and look nice and all that, but I'm lazy, and I've been distracted by other things, and <insert more excuses here>, so it hasn't happened...
  3. Maiku_Ando's Signature

    Maiku_Ando's Signature

    A reduced sized version from the Rin Tohsaka gallery for my signature.