komi can't communciate

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  1. monsta666

    Review Komi Can't Communicate!

    Episodes: 12 Original airing dates: 7th October 2021 – 23th December 2021 Studio: OLM Genre: Comedy/slice-of-life/romance Recommended audience: Fans of the manga and those that get a kick out of cringeworthy moments! Trailer: Background/synopsis: Komi Can’t Communicate otherwise known as...
  2. monsta666

    Review 2021 Autumn preliminary reviews: Takt Ops, reincarnated assassins and problems communicating!

    Next three also has heavier hitters with perhaps one of the most anticipated releases with Komi Can't Communicate. Loads of people were itching for this to come out but I don't know, I think it had a problem communicating with me as the jokes fell flat. Fortunately Takt Ops proved to be a more...