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  1. Maiku_Ando

    Iris Collect Petit 1/3 Scale Fashion Doll: Anna -Wonder Fraulein- Holy Night Princess Ver.

    The latest arrival in Azone's Iris Collect Petit series is here! This is Anna -Wonder Fraulein- Holy Night Princess Version. But be quick because she has a very short pre-order deadline of December 8th 2022! Just 3 days which is quite insane even by Azone standards so if you like her be sure to...
  2. Maiku_Ando

    Assault Lily Series 008 Assault Lily 1/12 Scale Fashion Doll: Yui Matsunaga Version 1.5

    Assault Lily's early 4th series, the leader of the ashes, `Matsunaga Special Squadron` Captain [Matsunaga Yui] has renewed the head parts including facial expressions to new modeling [ver. Renewed as .1.5]! The catgirl-type head accessories that were well received in the first edition are still...
  3. Maiku_Ando

    Iris Collect Series Kina's Fantasy Romances Fallen Angel of the Deshar Family 1/3 Scale Fashion Doll: Milene

    "The [Kina's Fantasy Romanes] series, which is designed and supervised by popular illustrator Kazuharu Kina. The first is [Milene], a Gothic doll that has been handed down from ancient times to famous families. A long time ago, [Milene], who was taken over by the Deshar family, became like a...