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  1. Ryu

    Anime Halloween necromendation: Castlevania S3 & 4 (2020-21), also sequel confirmed

    Akumajō Dracula: Castlevania Season 4 (2021) and 3 (20), also sequel confirmed I like metroidvanias but yes Cvs began It all 35 years ago, netflix to adapt sotn? :o
  2. monsta666

    Review 2021 Autumn preliminary reviews: Platinum End, stubborn lolis and the coming of age paladin

    Billed as the successor to Death Note and Bakuman; Platinum End certainly had a heap of expectation attached to it. The fact that I had heard less than promising things about the manga meant I was a little leery starting this but thankfully the show was better than what I was expecting. Lots of...
  3. monsta666

    Review 2021 Autumn preliminary reviews: Takt Ops, reincarnated assassins and problems communicating!

    Next three also has heavier hitters with perhaps one of the most anticipated releases with Komi Can't Communicate. Loads of people were itching for this to come out but I don't know, I think it had a problem communicating with me as the jokes fell flat. Fortunately Takt Ops proved to be a more...
  4. monsta666

    Review 2021 Autumn preliminary reviews: Jobless Reincarnation, vampire cosmonauts & questionable BL

    This trio has quite a range! We start off with the another big hitter in Jobless Reincarnation. I am sure lots of people will dive into that but the other series are a unique mix. This season holds yet another vampire series in the shape of Laika who is a lady vampire who wants to be the first...
  5. Ryu

    Anime Battle shōnen necromendations: Dragon Ball Heroes, finale And new movie soon!

    Super Dragonball Heroes, Big bang mission (2020-21) & universe mission (18-19) non-canon SDBH Is beyond that now celebrating 11th anniversary, manga 37th :D
  6. monsta666

    Ranking of Kings (Ousama Ranking)

    Japanese: 王様ランキング Airing date: 15/10/2021 (Friday release) Episodes: 23 Genres: Adventure, fantasy Studio: Wit Studio Synopsis: The story centres around Bojji the prince who is next in line to become the king of the kingdom. His position for the throne is less than secure however as Boijj’s...
  7. monsta666

    Sekai Saikou no Ansatsusha, Isekai Kizoku ni Tensei suru

    Japanese: 世界最高の暗殺者、異世界貴族に転生する Airing date: 6/10/2021 (Wednesday release) Episodes: 12 Genres: Action, isekai/fantasy Studio: Silver Link, Studio Palette monsta recommends for: Action lovers and admirers of cute girls Synopsis: Lugh Tuatha Dé is the best assassin in the world and has worked...
  8. monsta666

    Takt Op. Destiny

    Japanese: takt op.Destiny Airing date: 6/10/2021 (Wednesday release) Episodes: Unknown Genres: Action, music, fantasy Studio: Mappa Synopsis: After a meteorite strikes earth monsters called D2 run rampant across the world bringing great destruction to Earth. Despair and a sense of hopeless...
  9. monsta666

    Jobless Reincarnation (part 2)

    Japanese: 無職転生 ~異世界行ったら本気だす~ Airing date: 4/10/2021 (Monday release) Episodes: 12 Genres: Isekai, fantasy Studio: Studio Bind Synopsis: Part 2 of Jobless reincarnation is an immediate continuation of events from season one therefore it is highly recommended you watch part one before seeing...
  10. Ryu

    Anime Birthday necromendations: Dragon Quest, Dai no Daibōken Final series (2021-22)

    Dragon Quest: the Adventure of Dai final series (2021-22), 18 manga volumes left Title: DRAGON QUEST Dai's Great Adventure Japanese: ドラゴンクエスト ダイの大冒険 Airing dates: 3/10/2020 (TV series) and 17/10/1991 (unfinished season, 46 episodes) Release dates: 20/7/1991 (film), 7/3/1992 (Tachiagare! Avan...
  11. monsta666

    Review The Idaten Deities Know Only Peace review

    Review: The Idaten Deities Know Only Peace also known as Heion Sedai no Idaten-tachi is an action/fantasy series featuring demons that initially aired in the summer 2021 season. Idaten Deities tells the story of a world with demons and godlike beings called Idaten that fight for supremacy. The...
  12. monsta666

    Yuuki Yuuna is a Hero: The Great Mankai Chapter

    Japanese: 結城友奈は勇者である 大満開の章 Airing date: 2/10/2021 (Saturday release) Episodes: 12 Genres: Dark magical girl, drama, fantasy Studio: Studio Gokumi Synopsis: Yuuki Yuuna is a dark magical girl series that deals with a group of girls who try and save the world from powerful monsters called...
  13. monsta666

    Review Meikyuu Black Company review

    Review: Meikyuu Black Company is a fantasy comedy/isekai series which was first released in the summer 2021. The story for Meikyuu Black Company revolves around Kinji Ninomiya who is a NEET and has seemingly never worked a day in his life. Unlike other shows however, Kinji, through a series of...
  14. monsta666

    Review That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime S2 part 2 review

    Review: That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime season two part two is an action/fantasy isekai series that aired in the summer 2021 season. Unsurprisingly events in this second part follow straight from part one so naturally this season is not newcomer friendly. You got to watch the previous...
  15. monsta666

    Review Peach Boy Riverside review

    Review: Peach Boy Riverside is a fantasy/action series that was released in the summer 2021 season. One of the more controversial aspects of this series is the order in which the episodes were broadcast. Unlike most shows, Peach Boy Riverside was not released in chronological order. Instead...
  16. monsta666

    Review Prequel series part 3 - That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime! Season two part one review

    In the third part of the prequel series I will cover the latest completed season of Slime Reincarnation. I actually found season two to be better than the first so if you have already watched season one then I highly recommend you watch this. Review Season two of That Time I Got...
  17. monsta666

    Review I've Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level review

    Review: Slime Taoshite 300-nen, Shiranai Uchi ni Level Max ni Nattemashita or I've Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level is an isekai/fantasy, slice-of-life, comedy series. Not to be confused with the similarly titled slime series called: “That Time I Got Reincarnated as a...
  18. monsta666

    Review Sentouin, Hakenshimasu! (Combatants Will Be Dispatched!) review

    Review: Sentouin, Hakenshimasu! otherwise known as Combatants Will Be Dispatched is a comedy, action, fantasy series. What is notable and garnered attention to this show is the fact the original manga was written by Natsume Akatsuki; the creator of the hit series Konasuba. Personally, I enjoyed...