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  1. Watamote ED

    Watamote ED

    Who does not know, Watamote! Although knowing, has nothing to do with liking it >.>
  2. Amagami SS ~ Opening 01

    Amagami SS ~ Opening 01

    One of the first series with Multiple Endings, I have ever seen. It's Incredible and each arc is basically its own movie. Genre: Drama, Romantic Comedy, ''harem'' (Harem because... well, no matter how you look at it, he succeeds with all of them.)
  3. Nichijou Opening 1  HD

    Nichijou Opening 1 HD

    If you like comedy. Go and Watch this series!
  4. Inu X boku SS

    Inu X boku SS

    R.I.P. Cocoa Fujiwara
  5. Ao Haru Ride   OP

    Ao Haru Ride OP

    Hate the series, love the opening. Weird...
  6. Acchi Kocchi Opening Creditless HD

    Acchi Kocchi Opening Creditless HD

    Simple fun.
  7. [HD] Vampire Knight  Ending Creditless

    [HD] Vampire Knight Ending Creditless

    A whole lot of vampire & Drama. But wins from any other such series, with ease!
  8. Log Horizon Ending Creditless

    Log Horizon Ending Creditless

    Such a lovely series and good Novel, but they had to fail with the 2nd season...