andos anime office

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  1. IMG 20121106 182645

    IMG 20121106 182645

    Some more of my To Love Ru figures and my Limited edition Idolm@ster stuff behind it.
  2. IMG 20121106 182626

    IMG 20121106 182626

    Observant ones amongst you may notice the Rin laying on the table, she had an accident some time ago, and her foot has come unstuck from her shoe, as the figure only stands on 1 foot, this caused her to fall over and knocked several others. No damage done, but she may need some glue to hold her...
  3. IMG 20121106 182600

    IMG 20121106 182600

    The pile of swords actually belong to Rin, or Archer but its Rin's figure they came with. See the next picture for details on Rin's accident.
  4. IMG 20121106 182551

    IMG 20121106 182551

  5. IMG 20121106 182534

    IMG 20121106 182534

    Rin and Makoto sit between monitors on my desk.
  6. IMG 20121106 181654

    IMG 20121106 181654

    Some of my figures sitting on my Xbox...