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    Anime Request Thread

    QUOTE (Kansatsusha-sama @ Jul 02 2007, 03:07 PM) The reason for the 2 is Canvas was hentai... what?? that was hentai ???....I've seen better
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    Anime Request Thread

    QUOTE (hamzaxxx @ Jul 02 2007, 02:20 PM) I've found the Anime serie Canvas 2 :Nijiiro no Sketch and I've been thinking if there was a first season (I mean Canvas only not the 2 ).If there is and it isn't licensied can somone give me a link (Torrent would really help v*coz I have some problem...
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    I was thinking about this, since now i have a younger brother and sister in high school and i remember how it was. To be pressured into stuff and sex was one of the main issues. I have also noticed that people are becoming sexually active more and more at a younger age. I myself know of some...
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    check this out

    i found this extremely useful...i was able to find vids/music i was looking forever for =) just wanted to share
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    trailer: The main character's name is Niko Bellic [ i can not wait for this game,..but sorry planes in this one...I'll be back with more info what the hell i misspelled the title of the thread *kills himself*