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    Yume Subs Positions available.

    Still looking for TL, although we have a temporary TL fix (possibly more permanent, but she's got a very limited schedule) also looking for now an encoder for mkv formats, a karaoke person, and a typesetter. Please either post a response, email me at [email protected], or contact me...
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    Looking for a translator for YS

    we're a newly formed group of fansubbers, whom are in desperate need for translators. some of us are experienced, some of not, however, we welcome anyone who can help us out. we're slowly working on a few projects, and we'll be more willing to talk about them after we do our initial launch. I...
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    Symbols And The Mind

    So my big idea is that the mind and the body of the individual work similarly to ideas and their symbolic representation in a physical world. Pretty wordy huh? Well here's it in a bit more detail. the mind and the body have been thought of as existing in two seperate realms. It's nearly...
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    The Nature Of Reality

    or maybe it is the matrix... O.o seriously now, there's so many different views on what's really real and what only seems like it's real. Philosophers have debated it for years. Chuang Tsu talked once about a man dreaming he was a butterfly. Which one was really him? the man or the...