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    Reideen (2007)

    the picture of this anime looks good. The story takes place in Japan's near future. Saiga Junki enjoys his school life as a normal high school student. One day, he hears that his father, an archaeologist missing for the past 10 years...
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    Ah My Goddess

    can somebady tell me how many volumes/chapters is this manga and if it is finished yet or not
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    Anime Request Thread

    is the manga " rave master" licensed ?
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    Anime Saimoe Tournament 2006

    QUOTE (ANN)I don't know if anyone know about it or following it, but this is rather huge tournament that has been going on (mainly among Japanese audiences) since July and won't end til October. It's tournament where all female characters in anime series aired in Japan between July of 2005 and...
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    Most Hated Anime Character Ever

    Everybody have their favorite charecter from anime right? I was wondering if you guyes have your most hated one too. If you do post it and tell us the reason you hate him so much. and pls use spoiler tags if your explanation contains a spoiler My most hated charecter is Yakushiji Tenzen from...
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    Condor Hero

    Does somebody know something about this anime ? and didn't help me much if somebody knows something i would realy apreciate it if you tell me
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    i'm looking do

    i'm looking for fanservice animes do you guys have any you can give me? Ikkitousen and Tenjou Tenge excluded
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    does somebody know....

    does somebody know something about Inuyasha? Is there going to be more episodes
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    wich one.....

    hey people wich one of this animes are good ones? there are so many that i don't know wich one to dl help me pls
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    is there gona be new GUNDAM WING?

    I just finish watching gundam wing the series and the movie and i was wondering if there is going to be a new gundam wing? i'm sorry if this is a stupit question but i'm new to anime and i don't know much about it
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    is ther gona be a new gundam seed

    hey gays is there gona be a new gundam seed ? I meen more then 2 episodes