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    Anime Request Thread

    is there anyone know where i can get clannad's soundtrack in ep 16 when tomoya cs play basket ball?
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    Snow Angle

    hey minaaa... i just get some anime clip title snow angle, and all of the character is same as onegai teacher.... so the question here, is anyone know when this anime will release? and when this anime story line will take place? after onegai twins? or in the between onegai teacher and onegai...
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    CD can hold 1,5GB?

    hey guys there is some problem whic i have no clue about.... i got win server 2003 cd installer when i look properties the size is 735 MB but if i explore the cd and block all the file the size is 1.54GB?? is there any kind of trick to make cd which usually only hold 750MB to hold 1.54GB?? if...
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    Anime Request Thread

    is there anyone know where to download kashimasi manga scan????
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    Anime Request Thread

    is there someone know where i can download "kamen rider spirit"? my friend really desperate search of this tokusatsu.....
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    Anime Request Thread

    friends... i got little problem here.... i happen to know that provide valkyrie profile dark alchemist and when i download it, i get stuck in 89% (9.469Mb from 10.632Mb),is there someone success when download this manga? or have some alternate site where i can download this manga...
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    picture .dlpc

    i got a picture with format .dlpc, and i can't open it with acdsee and adobe.... is anyone know how to open picture with .dplc format???
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    Screenshoot game

    is anyone know how i can take screenshoot from some emulator game, when you play epsexe emulator for example. is there any program to do that????
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    Anime Request Thread

    QUOTE (chiisai_hana @ Feb 27 2006, 08:54 AM) Since it's licensed, we can't tell you where to download it, if it is available. Which is why I said you should go support TokyoPop (The forum rule, which is repeated everywhere, is that you cannot request any series that is licensed by a US company)...
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    Anime Request Thread

    QUOTE (chiisai_hana @ Feb 26 2006, 08:48 PM) @Shin_kuang: Karekano? You can support TokyoPop and buy it wew is there any free thread for download that manga? cause i already buy for the anime.....
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    Anime Request Thread

    is anyone know where i can get kareshi kanojo manga ?
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    i can't add a picture as my signature... is there some link where i can upload my picture so i can add the url in img.... if there any other solution please tell me... thanks
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    Ryuroden!!!!! :blink:

    hey is there anyone already read manga which the title is "ryuroden" or in indonesia word is "legenda naga"? the stories is about a pair of boy and girl name "shiro amachi" and "masumi" which get stuck in 3 kingdoms wars era in cina.... and met the enemy name "chung ta" which have a evil...
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    is there anyone have watch canvas already? i already watch canvas 2nd, but i haven't watch canvas 1st session cause i can't find anime canvas 1st session anywhere!
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    Onegai friends

    is there anyone already see onegai friends??? i only hear rumor that onegai friends will release soon... but i don't know when it's release... if anyone have know about when onegai friends release date, please inform me.. i want to see it as soon as possible