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    Causality, and the Beginning of Everything

    Causality, for those of you who don't know, is a fancy idea that relies on the idea of cause-and-effect. Every cause must have an affect, and therefore it makes sense that every effect must have a cause? Right? Right?! NO! Why not? Let me use an example... Q: Why am I writing this post...
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    Moral Relativity

    As I walk into my first lecture for my business ethics course, my professor (a particularly passionate PhD in philosophy) dedicated the first half-hour of the lecture to tearing down the concept of moral relativity, ensuring it wouldn't be made an important issue in further class discussions...
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    Freedom vs. Protection

    Alrighty then, here's a good discussion right here. Freedom vs. Protection. Where a government's involved, this is always a major issue. Governments, to some extent, are created to protect its people. However, ofttimes, if not every time, this protection comes at the cost of personal...
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    Unanswerable Questions

    OK, I just got around to thinking, there are a lot of unanswerable questions out there. The one I'm polling is one of those. It's just like the classic "Could God make a burrito so hot, he himself could not eat it?" question. So, here we go, a thread to share different unanswerable questions...
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    Online Viewing List

    I've noticed that when you go to view the online list, and choose to "view all sempais" from the drop-down box, it brings up all the kouhais, and similarly, when you choose to "view all kouhais", it brings up all the sempais. Has anyone else noticed that?
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    What if you were that last person alive?

    Ok, here's a fun thought to chew on. What if, for some reason or another, you were the last living person in the world? I know you've all thought about it one time or another! Oh yeah, and for you ladies out there, we'll assume you AREN'T pregnant! I've heard my fair share of "I'd repopulate...
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    ******************************************************************************************* An updated list of scores for this thread can be found here courtesy of the all-powerful DChaosBlade beneficent Monsta666...
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    Drug Ethics

    Drugs, drugs, DRUGS!!! All you hear about lately is drugs!!! Well, maybe not... but I recently heard a few American presidential candidates talking about legalizing drug use/abuse, the reason being to loosen the government's grasp on its people, save precious funds for the treasury, and...
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    Rezising Animated Gifs?

    I just found an awesome, public domain, animated gif that I really want to make an avatar out of. However, the dang thing is 256x256. Is there any way to resize it (with nice results) using Gimp or some other free image-editor? - I had the same situation with my current avatar. I resized it...