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  1. warita200

    what are you doing?

    welcome back! :) I also got some sex spam.
  2. warita200

    Episode Summary Magia Record season 2 Episodes 1-2

    I am kindo getting lost in this franchize.....
  3. warita200

    Fruits Basket: The Final

    I tried the first episode of this one and i dunno, it was pretty "meh". Is it any good after all?
  4. warita200

    Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon S & MiniDora (2021)

    NO WAY!!!!! One of the best animes for me gets a second season? Well, honestly, the continuation cannot live up to the first season even if it tried super dooper hard. IMHO what made the first season so interesting was to watch the demons set up in our world. I doubt they will continue down...
  5. warita200

    Episode Summary 2021 Summer Season Anime Preliminary Review part 1

    I am waiting for the second part to this, but so far the new season looks a bit weak.
  6. warita200

    what are you doing?

    @Hiasubi, have a look at my balcony garden:
  7. warita200

    what are you doing?

    I caught some mid summer sickness. Not feeling so great today.... :(
  8. warita200

    Review Mars Red review

    I am not going to write as many words and hardly any positive ones. Yes, the show started interesting, but very quickly is started going nowhere. I waited and waited for the plot to pick up and somehow it never did. And then suddenly it was over. SPOILERS ahead, so you be warned. Essentially...
  9. warita200

    Review Odd Taxi review

    The odd taxi is one of the only two series I finished this season and my personal rating is 10/10. The series strongly reminded me of Durara, so if you have seen this show and liked it, you will like Odd Taxi as well. To me the large cast of characters felt vibrant and well fleshed out, their...
  10. warita200

    Review Vivy: Fluorite Eye's Song review

    Very good review, thank you. I started watching this one and I felt it has a refreshing new take on the otherwise overdone theme. One of the major pluses of this series is the character of Vivy. Frankly, I am tired of squeaky whiny female characters, who always talk about feelings, love, trust...
  11. warita200

    what are you doing?

    @Maiku_Ando, I see. So whar kind of a deal does gogoanime have? Do you think they pay for licences just like crunchyroll?
  12. warita200

    what are you doing?

    I actually believe, that the fact the streaming service is gone is probably the reason why FTV died. I came to FTV for the streaming service it provided and stayed, because I liked the forums. It might be an idea to revive the streaming in some shape or form, though whether FTV will benefit...
  13. warita200

    what are you doing?

    Hello Hiasubi, Ando, sorry for the slow response. I have two small children now, 4 and 1 respectively and it can get turbulent at times. I am all in for the anime club idea, but I am not sure how that would work exactly, because I only watch 2 at the moment: red mars and odd taxi. Does it mean...
  14. warita200

    what are you doing?

    sure, why not. Other than that I didnt mean just you ignoring me. :) I have written messages to former friends on FTV, who were even active at the time of me writing them and no response. So.... i kinda feel ignored and thats not very encouraging. Btw, I also dont watch anime as much as I...
  15. warita200

    what are you doing?

    Well, i do check in once in a while but nobody even bothers to respond to me. It will sadden me to see this place go, as I really loved it back in the day. Does it really have to go? Is there some place where people from FTV meet? Other than here obviously.
  16. warita200

    I occationally come to check on FTV too. Many fond memories of this place.

    I occationally come to check on FTV too. Many fond memories of this place.
  17. warita200

    Anime Request Thread

    I did tell him..... but maybe he forgot. I will tell him again.
  18. warita200

    Anime Request Thread

    I will let Monsta know about it when I talk to him today in the evening!!
  19. warita200

    Anime Request Thread

    QUOTE (FireChick @ Oct 24 2011, 05:10 AM) I know, and I wasn't trying to be mean or anything. But my post's been up for quite a while now. FireChick, I will ask some mod to take care of it, ok? Be patient, i think I can have it solved within couple of hours.
  20. warita200

    Anime Request Thread

    well yeah, but somebody should take care of the request...?