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    Linux Lunacy!

    Yeah nvidia on linux is a pain in the ass really, especially if you are using their older cards. Speaking about nvidia, my laptop nvidia chip is old so I have to use the legacy 390xx version of the nvidia proprietary driver, which doesn't have native optimus support because it wasn't introduced...
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    What are you watching?

    I haven't watched seasonal anime in a while but this season I'm picking up Fuuto Tantei because W is my favorite Kamen Rider. It's pretty good so far, definitely still has that hard half boiled style.
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    Linux Lunacy!

    Oh lol I didn't know that you were an nvidia user. If that's the case then I guess everything wayland is out of the question. It's so sad that linux is being worse at emulating android than some chinese spyware on windows.
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    Linux Lunacy!

    Not sure if it's still a concern for you but if you want a replacement for Anbox you should try Waydroid. It's a fork of Anbox which run exclusively wayland than much more maintained. Even if you dislike wayland I think it's still worth it for just running android games. Another option is to run...