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    survey about break-ups

    Hey everyone, as part of the "intercultural communication in practice" class i'm taking, my workgroup has decided to research break-ups, especially to compare the japanese and foreigners' thoughts and actions on the matter. considering i'm in japan it's pretty easy to get japanese people to do...
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    (10) and counting

    (note: this topic's title's a reference to a boysetsfire song of the same name.. which is awesome by the way) so september 5th i'll be going to japan for an year to study japanese language and culture, at the Kyoto University of Foreign Studies. this will obviously mean my presence at these...
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    starcraft 2! ^^ the most exciting PC/Mac gaming news in a long, long, LONG time
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    japan-related documentaries

    Hey everyone, Me and a friend of mine are going to Kyoto, Japan for a year, to study japanese. While we're there we're going to try to do a couple of projects: 1- Documentary about studying abroad This will be a full-length documentary about our lives there as exchange students. This is not...
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    Hey everyone! Those of you who have visited the AB Syndicate website should have read about this project by now: simply put, it's (going to be) an anime character creation app (as described at the AB Syndicate website). It's finally time for an update.. there's not much to show yet, but...
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    Spam Reports

    hey, everyone! from now on, all spam reports should come here. here are the rules for spam reporting: 1. double posting is allowed, if to report new spam! that way it'll be easier to get the mods' attention. 2. after the reported issue is taken care of, the respective post will be deleted...
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    xbox 360, ps3 or wii?

    here's the reedition of the new-gen console discussion.. let's start this all over again, no screwing up allowed now
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    Spam Is On The Rise!

    this thread is a discussion about commercial / professional spam: to read about non-professional spam (like double-posting, going off-topic and things like that), check this thread please Hi, everyone! Commercial spam seems to be a new trend on these boards, and considering some of the...
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    hey, guys.. just to let you know that i'm really loving the series "noein". it's awesome. reasons for its awesomeness: - different drawing style. it does NOT look like your usual anime at all, it looks like some sort of draft, but at the same time it looks damn good.. and yet, its animation is...
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    solty rei

    hi, everyone! i just thought i'd stop by to give you some advice: go watch solty rei i watched all 3 episodes that shinsen subs have released so far and i'm really loving this.. i love the music (i don't care much about OP and EDs, the music during the episode itself is much more important)...
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    He Is My Master

    Heyy, guys! I'm just loving this series... it's close to a perfect mix of ecchi and comedy, in my opinion! not too many panty shots and stuff like that, and when those moments show up they take great advantage of them by centering the whole attention on the sweaty breasts or on the panties for...
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    music: new dredg

    for all of you who enjoy quality music. dredg is awesomeness. one of the most impressive bands of our time, they are often called the new pink floyd because of the trip their music takes you to. their first full length album, leitmotif, is a raw but incredibly varied album that describes a...
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    Basilisk ~Kouga Ninpou Chou~

    If the rest of this series is like the first episode, looks like we have a show not to miss!! a lot of action -- and great action, not the usual and repetitive kind of battles, a story that seems to be prtty interesting -- which includes historical characters and stuff like that, hell even the...
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    another birthday today ;)

    I don't remember if i ever replied to one of your posts, but whatever.. it's your birthday, so it better be a happy one nonetheless! happy birthday ;) /jp, on a "damn, no one posts on my fav boards so i'll do it myself ;)" mood
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    glorious night!!!

    first, naruto 125.. and then i check animesuki and guess what -- mai hime 19, 20 and 21 are out!!! HELLS YEAH!!!!!! these are the kind of days that get me all pumped up can't wait to watch all this stuff.. naruto is already d/loaded, mai hime is for tomorrow.. so yeah, i celebrate this day...
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    yet another music topic!

    it's as simple as this: GO LISTEN TO HEAD AUTOMATICA, BIATCHES!! it's an amazing band, featuring Dan the Automator (Gorillaz) and Daryl Palumbo (Glassjaw, another extremely awesome band) and it's a great thing to listen to when you're drunk. yup, like i am right now. go download "the razor"...
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    iriya no sora

    Hi guys! i just watched Iriya no Sora's first episode, one of the anime series i was looking forward to for those who remember the thread i did about that and it sounds like it could be a pretty good series! the 1st episode was interesting and i'm definitely looking forward to the 2nd.. but...
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    grenadier licensed as well..

    I've seen at animesuki's licensed anime database that Grenadier has just been licensed.. so it might be best to remove it as well, right? daft, how do you react to licenses -- delete the series when you find out about it or will you wait to be requested to delete them? just curious.. at least i...
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    Anime Delivery Service opinions please!

    Hi guys! I'm trying to do a client for the future anime delivery service, and even though most of the concepts are starting to be defined i'd like to know if there are any features you'd like to see implemented! Here are some thoughts: - Are you interested in knowing when an episode is on the...
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    naruto vs dbz vs bleach

    i thought that creating a new thread would be a good idea, this discussion seems to be interesting and unrelated to the thread it was on! in my opinion, the biggest problem with naruto are the flashbacks and the preaching -- i love the fights, humor and story. the fights are much better than...