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  1. perimiter

    Torrent files ...

    lately i have been having problems downloading torrent files and i mean literally the files the ones that weight 15k (.torrent) any way they use to download in a sec but now for some reason they are sooo slow its weird.. any idea why is this happening ?? also the actual files like anime and...
  2. perimiter

    DaiCon 2009

    DaiCon 2009!!! daicon 2009 has just recently started in MMU Malaysia here are some pictures from the first day of the event (they were not taken by me). i do not have much info on it but you know what they say a pic is worth a thousand words but if you can find some information feel free...
  3. perimiter

    problem my screen is black

    I recently changed my resolution to a higher one (1280x960) and when i try to play videos my screen gose black for a sec and then continues as usual and it gose black again i have ATI 9250 i tried to delete and install the codecs and it worked with the anime but when i try to play games(wolf...
  4. perimiter

    whar you from?

    tell us where your from, what country you live in ,street ,planet any thing you want P.s:I hope i am not violating any ruls
  5. perimiter

    witch fansub team you dislike/like the most?

    OK i will start I dont dislike any team but i would chose Chihiro coz they are so fast its freaky and i like Shinsen and your-mom
  6. perimiter

    What is your sex?~ish

    very funny
  7. perimiter

    How old are you?

  8. perimiter

    Anime Request Thread

    QUOTE (julezia @ Apr 24 2008, 09:20 AM) I can't use torrents... But thanks, the 2nd link with better quality seems good... they are subbed in english though right? all the links are translated to english and all links should be goood
  9. perimiter

    Anime Request Thread

    QUOTE (julezia @ Apr 24 2008, 08:53 AM)I decided to watch D. Gray Man again, the only problem is that the episodes I need aren't hosted on fansub anymore does anyone know where else I can direct download episodes 13-25 ? (the rest I can get here...) thank you here are all the episodes on...