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    MKV to AVI

    Yes I know there was another thread like this and I did check it before I opened this new one since I went to the site and tried to follow the steps but it didnt work so I am here to ask for help. My problem is that once I open the video file in this case it is WitchBlade ep 1 using...
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    Story writings and other general chats

    Well I am back and as a few users suggested I am creating a thread finally (what has it been over a week or so since I was told to do so? sorry Dark Messiah ) Well to get a topic started, how about if you were writing, reading or watching a story how would prefer the villain to enter the story...
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    How to download torrent files

    I know there are torrent files but i dont know what program to use to download them... thus making this topic hoping for answers, thank you also I don't know if this is in the right board or not, if not could someone move it?