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  1. JunMisugi

    Kuro no Kiseki character profiles. Fie returns!

    Fieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! Oh my god Fie is baaack :D
  2. JunMisugi

    Type Moon

    Seriously...for real...I never every thought this day would come.
  3. JunMisugi

    Summer Season 2021 Line-Up: Bring out your watchlists!!! XD

    I'm particular interested in: Jahy-sama wa Kujikenai! All Roads Lead to Doom season 2 Kobayashi-san season 2
  4. JunMisugi

    Trails of series

    Hia, the two Crossbell games were by far one of the best games I have ever played. The fan translation is also top notch. I usually also prefer official releases but chances that those ever get official releases are very slim. I think you should reconsider this one, because if you skip those...
  5. JunMisugi

    Anime Watching Club: add Your current watchlist to update topics of Most Seen

    I currently watch Tokyo Ghoul Re and quite like the scene with Hinami so I use it as my wallie nowadays.
  6. JunMisugi

    Touhou Project

    If anyone is still around, I'd highly recommend the games Ephemeral Unnatural Balance, Fantastic Danmaku Festival 1 + 2 and Blue Devil in the Belvedere. All are available on steam and are high tier Touhou games.
  7. JunMisugi

    Ys series

    I really should try it out once some stuff on my end is done and dusted. But I do wonder, is it me who is wanting to play that or is it Monsta being the puppet master behind this...this guy has too much influence over me these days I swear.
  8. JunMisugi

    Review Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out! Season 1 review

    Very nice review. Didn't know a season 2 is coming up. Season 2 and a second season of Nagatoro at the same time would make me a happy individual.
  9. JunMisugi

    what are you doing?

    It's nice seeing some familiar faces again, haven't seen you around forever Hia and Warita, I hope you are doing well. What shot did you get Hia? I got Johnson and Johnson the other day. I'm happy I got this over with cause I'm in a vulnerable group, though being totally out of things for two...
  10. JunMisugi

    Show your Desktop!

    Great to see that this project is still alive! Good Job Maiku :D!
  11. JunMisugi

    Placeholder #40

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  12. JunMisugi

    FTV Projects

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  13. JunMisugi

    FTV Tsundere Cup

    This thread will be used to post votes for the main competition of the FTV Tsundere Cup! For question, discussion, suggestion, tournament plan and for the rules please please check this thread Voting time for the first round will start at Sunday 27th May...
  14. JunMisugi

    FTV Tsundere Cup - Discussion Thread

    The FTV Tsundere Cup is a knockout tournament to decide who is the ultimate queen of tsunderes! In total there are 32 characters participitating who will face off in one vs one KO matches. This thread will be used to discuss the cup and anything related to it while this thread...
  15. JunMisugi

    Fansub.TV wishes you a

  16. JunMisugi

    FTV Projects

    <center> Do you have the guts to outwit your rivals and come out on top? Vote for your favorite Winter 2010/2011 titles HERE!
  17. JunMisugi

    The specific picture challenge thread

    Lol don't know how else to call this Okay maybe you wonder what this thread is about? It is quite easy, for instance I say I want a pic with Akiyama Mio wearing a bikini and eating ice", so then the next poster has to post a pic which fulfills this request, so in this case the pic would be...
  18. JunMisugi

    Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica

    Hahahaha thats funny Alberich, thanks for sharing No as far as I know its not possible to embed videos.
  19. JunMisugi

    Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica

    QUOTE QB is still a horrible pervert, and a pimp: oh my god that picture is just priceless QUOTE I am planning a re-watch of this one since it was one of my favorites. A Summer marathon is coming up! Now, if you are...