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  1. TNT

    Jagged Alliance

    Jagged Alliance, one of my most beloved games. Especially number 2. The combination of grim humor and tactics always made it worthwhile. That is untill the original developer went bankrupt. The license went to several different people who all managed to make a mess of things (including a...
  2. TNT

    Akahori Gedou Hour Rebuge

    Yay, episode 2 was released. It has really funny moments, a lot of awkward moments (like incestual love!) and the Witches and Love pheromone finally meet. I like it. Cant wait for the next epi.
  3. TNT


    Anyone seen the news? Pretty horrible stuff going on down there.
  4. TNT


    Anything new and fun happened lately? I had some fun this week. I finished school, defended my thesis and went on a short (waaay to short) holiday with my girlfriend....and today is my dads birthday! Jep, fun week for TNT. The only thing that casts a shadow over this otherwise awesome week...
  5. TNT


    How the micheal court really went Funny flashmovies!
  6. TNT

    I overlooked something

    Happy Bday ecam! 23 years on this planet. *hopes he/she still visits*
  7. TNT


    Im a starwars fan. Not long to go before the next (and probably last) movie is released. Cant wait. Are you going to see it in the theater and what do you all expect from it? Although im looking forward to this movie, I fear it. Since its the last, Lucas will try to make it look...
  8. TNT

    Congrats Studan(21) and espritka(19)

    Happy Birthday. Got anything good youd like to share with us?
  9. TNT

    Tsubasa Chronicles

    I watched the first ep yesterday. You cant really say anything yet about the story, but from my first look im somewhat dissapointed. Light effects are great as always with Clamp, but Syaoran looks like a noodle. I hope that they will give him some awesome char development, because otherwise...
  10. TNT

    Mai Hime the next stage

    According to Anime news network: QUOTE According to reports on Moon Phase, a 2nd season of My-Hime, "My-Hime Next Stage," is currently in the works. The heroine of this season is Arika, a character that showed up at the end of the first season. No details on release time frame was given yet...
  11. TNT

    Nice an useless topic

    So, how are you all doing? Not to many new threads so I thought Id just create one to ask everyone how they are. Im good, nothing special so its good.
  12. TNT

    Mai Hime Omake

    What is the Mai hime omake? I dont even know what an omake is.
  13. TNT

    Which player do you use?

    I have been trying out different players and was hoping that some of you have a suggestion of a player and why do you use it? So far ive tried: Core BS (am I the only one who thinks of bullshit when he sees this name?) Real player
  14. TNT

    Lolifan arrested

    QUOTE The Edmonton Journal reports that a local man has been arrested for attempting to import 15 books containing sexually explicit manga featuring adults having sex with children, including depictions of "tied-up children and infants in diapers." When police searched the man's house they found...
  15. TNT

    Opera incompatible

    Hope I posted this at the right place. I use multiple browsers(that way I can use IE as little as possible), one of them is Opera and although it works fine with the forum it will not load the website. It always stops loading after a while, whereas Firefox (and IE) will always load the site...
  16. TNT


    Do you go to the movies often? What was the last movie you saw? My last was Meet the fockers. Funny movie. Before that I saw Oceans twelve and before that The grudge. (that movie scared me )
  17. TNT

    General Games Discussion

    Do any of you game? On what system, what genre or if you dont, why not? I play on pc and I dont really have a favorite genre (although I do like to play beat em ups like KOF). At the moment im busy with Silent hill 2 and Jagged Alliance 2 Urban Chaos.
  18. TNT


    So, with all the people bugging the fansubbers for when the next ep is released, i wanted to know how many people would do the same if they had the knowledge. How many of you would start a fansub group of you had the expertise required? I'm pretty much certain I wouldnt. It seems like a waste...
  19. TNT


    With an ecchi pics thread in the general area and there being (I think) two threads about ecchi series, i was just wondering what you think of this subgenre? Im an: I like it, but only if it doesnt steal the spotlight from the rest of the show, it should at least serve some sort of purpose...
  20. TNT

    Translation thread

    QUOTE sasha-dono Posted on Feb 9 2005, 02:20 AM Awesome! Wait... Why is everyone here Dutch and Portugese? *Feels alone* I thought we were having so much fun excluding Sasha, we'd might as well attempt another thread where we can do that. How about translating phrases from and to...