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    is it just me?

    got problem with my firefox. supposed to show image but all that comes out is just a number on the image places. Anybody face a same problem?
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    I saw this coupon redeeming on the download page. what is dat?
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    oh where oh where did the girls bravo s2 go?

    a few days ago, i saw it. i come, i download, never seen it again. now i'm stuck at here sitting in the download manager.
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    Mahou Sensei Negima -manga

    You watch the anime so now read the manga. And I put some girl saurus too. Ecam Manga Download
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    RSS Feed

    How many of you guys here use rss? rss is a good way to read any new news from web without having to browse them. A lot of popular website like manganews n animesuki support them including fansubtv too. So by using rss feed, i knoow when a new release is out and can keep with the update.