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    Anime Request Thread

    QUOTE (ichigo999 @ Feb 03 2010, 11:22 AM) @ultima - thats the main(?) character of School Rumble. Unfortunately its licensed so we can't give links You can easily find it through googling though.... lmao, i have both seasons on my comp!! havent watched it in ages, but recognised her in...
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    Anime Request Thread

    What anime is this pic from, think i watched a couple of episodes then lost it to the hard drive monster!
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    Rules: Anime

    .:Anime Section Rules:. * Licensed series If a series is licensed, do not ask where to download it or tell people where to get it. Your post and all related replies will be deleted. To find out the latest licences check this thread Licensed Anime. * Media Factory Inc. Works Media Factory...
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    Recommended: Air Gear

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    Funny Videos!

    Another one of those crazy japanese game shows, but this one has a twist.. there stuck in a library! by solarwing's request ive renamed the thread.. lets hope for some good videos lol obviously dont post any dodgy vids up!
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    Anime Request Thread

    QUOTE (noob @ May 23 2006, 02:52 AM) ??????????????? WHAT??? Dont get paranoid noob, no ones here to steal your name!! . azn_Juliet. check out This series hasnt finished being subbed yet so its only up to ep 4. the subbing...
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    The F.A.Q. Thread

    I thought a thread like this maybe usefull as many times when I'm watching and anime I question what/how/why things happen. So if you got a question or an answer to someones question post away. Keep your questions numbered to make answering them easier. Now for my first question, Q1~how come in...
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    What would you take?

    So you may have watched one or thousand anime. But what I want to know is what would you take from one of your favourite anime titles into the real world? What would it be a Gundam, a Soul Slayer, Mr Satan, Sharingan, a pokemon or maybe... just maybe Detective Conans glasses? Choose wisely... Of...
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    Anyone checked out the new series Prayers? so you make money by playing in a music duel and blow each others brains out (hence the subtitle!). Will this be good, i asked myself, and to be honest i'm really not sure. Its strayed from some of the genres out at the moment giving me something, that...
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    Anime Request Thread

    QUOTE (DoR -fan up-load thread)This thread is now closed. Post all links in the Anime/Manga request thread, that is the place where you can post all your uploaded stuff. And this is also a warning, do not create a thread with this content again. First search for a thread to see if it's already...
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    Anime Request Thread

    QUOTE (Animesuki)LICENCED - 2005-10-28 Tsukuyomi ~ Moon Phase ~ Funimation Funimation website Dude you need to practice what you preach!!
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    Anime Request Thread

    lazy lazy.... here -Licences - AnimeSuki
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    Missing Cameo

    after watching through full metal alchemist, i could'nt help but notice a few other look alikes from other anime appearing in it. this could just be the fact that i need my eyes testing but i believe that they were put there on purpose.... i put a challenge to all to try to spot more of...
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    School Days

    Has anyone watched this yet? cos i remember seeing its name mentioned before and it was spost to be really good. I found fairly boring to be honest, i was kinda expecting more from it. Its gotta compete with shows like Shuffle! and Ichigo 100% and i dont think it can really hack it. An entire...