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    Abortion Good or Bad?

    Well this is a controversial matter (hopefully will make this forum more lively) So state ur opinions and ideas about this topic no matter what they may be but dont offend someone with a diffrent point of view ! I will join this thread later if someone accually replies it
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    Berserk MANGA!

    Well I guess its prolly one of the best Mangas I ever read - full of violence rage , blood and human emotions as well as weaknesses XD There are so few other mangas that show such intensive images of things referred by many as "sins" or disgusting things I state howevber that its contence is...
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    The presidental elections in Ukarinne

    Dunno If u even heard of this country but there is a quite serious situation there Perhaps U dunno whats ghoing on there but its qquite often reported about it in Poland (since its our neighbour) Lemme give u a brief description of it: Ukraine is an ex soviet republic (forcefully joined to...
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    Hi just migrated!

    Hi some of u may know me from Yes its me that thing the terrible bot Gendo! I'm a hentai maniac and Gainax fan ! I'm an insomniac post addict so be gentle with me if i go offtopic tooo much Oh I'm from Poland I also enjoy controversial discussions XD Oh well hope U'll enjoy...