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    Hey! I'm back in here again. :)

    I wonder if there are anyone who still remember me. I was MIA for quite a long time. Busy with my real life, work, businesses and online sites. So, I'm here again just to say hi to my old friends especially Daft. Can't guarantee if I can be active like I used to be but I will try. Now, off me...
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    Post your VALENTINE's Day story!

    like the title suggest, feel free to post how your day went today..where you go, what event did you bring your dates to, and etc...its only for you to share your valentine's day experiene...tell us your dreams valentine's day and your actual V-Day today.. eg: My dreams V-Day; fetch date at...
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    sasha ask me to inform you guys

    that she wont be in FTV for a week. she's at her cousin house. so, be noticed.
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    Merge forums together? would be messy daft. but well, i think its a good idea can see new post in a glimpse. your call
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    when graphic artists get bored
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    Cool looks of Fansub Main Page

    Wow! i just noticed the main page new look.! new release is now with tumbnails...good job daft..
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    Share your birthday with naruto characters

    January 01 - Maito Gai 02 - Iwashi 04 - Haku 08 - Hyuuga Hiashi, Hizashi 19 - Gaara 23 - Aburame Shino February 08 - Third Hokage (Sarutobi) 11 - Sigure 21 - Yoroi 29 - Kabuto March 08 - Ebisu 09 - Tenten 20 - Morino Ibiki 27 - Hanabi 28 - Haruno Sakura 29 - Kazekage April...
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    Tsunami Hit Asia!

    5th biggest earthquake since 1900. Epicenter located in Acheh (Sumatera), Indonesia. 6.4 Ritcher Scale according to Indonesian Geological Department. 8.9 Ritcher Scale according to the US. Geological Dept. *Big diff* 6 deaths in Msia. 1700 Deaths in Sri Langka. 250 Deaths in Phuket. 3/4 of...
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    A question for you

    why are we shaking when we're cold? and why are we open up our mouth when we felt sleepy?
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    what happen to the site just then?

    is there any explanation daft?
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    want a pimp name? some of my pimp name Ghetto Fabulous S. Rock Sugartastic nyunyu Smooth Ice Master N. Clinton Sugartastic Slither Suede Silk i like suede silk the most..
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    You Own Ninja Name mine is Tsuruko Kawazu -san since im the mod of this forums, then it would be Tsuruko Kawazu -sama
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    What is your computer specs?

    i just wondering what are the specs of your computer. i just recently upgrade my pc: Pentium 4 3.2 Ghz 2x80 Gig HDD [main harddisk] + 160GB external HDD [animes collections] 2x1GB DDR Ram ATi Radeon 9600 Samsung 52x CD-Rom Drive Samsung 48x28x48 CD-RW Drive 2.1 speakers Creative Audigy 2...
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    Ghost car commercial...

    Otherwise it's pretty cool, check out the sappy music too
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    Funny Ganondorf

    Here is a little flash-movie by Legendary Frog, the creator of the "one ring to rule them all" series. He is my favourite Flash artist. Im sure Pochi remembers watching this one over at my place. This little movie is about the return of Ganondorf (from Zelda) as the title already says. I found...
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    a couple of month ago, i downloaded all of its episodes up to 49 but still havent watched it until past few days. the anime is really exciting..i like it very much. the main plot is around those 2 main character, mido ban and amano ginji. also people around them. it also has big boobs chick...
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    Page Stretched

    daft, my screen resolution is 1152x864 and im using avant browser [IE6]. just want to let you know that whenever i go to the page strecthed. could it possible for you to fix it? kinda bother my eyes. XD
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    Why do you watch/read anime/manga?

    why do u watch anime? and why do read manga? as for myself, i read most of my local magazines/comics. Some of them have a anime & manga recommendation section in it. lol.. but i watch anime mainly because it was my hobbies..not all animes though as for manga, i just recently read them since i...
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    Any Suggestions For This Forum?

    Frankly, im really happy with this new forum idea. Do you have any suggestion what else to add to this forum? Your suggestion are most welcomed..and maybe will all be considered. my suggestion: #1 - online meter. that way we could know who's online and who's not. #2 - fast reply button. maybe...
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    Alternative HTTP download method

    I was talking to the maintainer of, mxs, and he suggested an alternative download method I could use. Instead of running the download through a download script (which has significant cons and only a few pros), he suggested a symlink method. A symlink method would allow...