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    Main download page.

    Why does the look change to look so much worse when log in on main download and anima page?? Can please change it back to hare it used too be as was so much better that way.
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    Home main page.

    Hi love your site for most part but can please dim down the brightness of main page making it all white is too bright and hearts my eyes. Also on download options offer noticed almost always MKV format could please offer alternative like AVI. Thank you for reading this and leaving good remarks...
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    Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works

    Synopsis Type-Moon mega-hit Fate/stay night is to receive a further anime adaptation in the form of a theatrical movie edition. The announcement comes obliquely by way of the opening of the official movie site, though it is devoid of content. The movie will be following the Unlimited Blade...
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    Anime Request Thread

    Request please. Black God. kurokami. Could please add these as sure not licensed ifer at least wasn't any wear I looked anyway. Thank you in advance if you add this series.
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    evertime on your site keeps redirecting me.

    your site keeps on redirecting me to this site[CACHEBUSTER]&link=swf7&ad=finesets_uk_en_ed2&aff= Can you please do something about it as really anying me a lot and ruining your site for me and really getting on my nerves. Started...
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    Why changed the download?

    I liked it the way it was it worked easer then does it does naw why changed it? And any chance of going back to way it was?
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    Transcoding all files to AVI

    I think it would be great if all the download files wear in avi format as carnt play the mkv files sound and subs dont work or at least have the opsion of it please. p,s. I am new to this forum so would like to hay hello to everyone and thank the team hear for doing a great job.