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  1. ShadowPony

    Torrents disconnecting connection

    well, just changed my ISP, and I can't seem to use torrents anymore here's the situation: I connect to the internet via a PPPOE connection when I have a torrent-client opened, the connection drops out of the blue without it, I can do direct downloads without a problem I have this problem with...
  2. ShadowPony

    Spoiler tag problem ?

    it would seem I'm not able to do spoiler in spoiler tag anymore father spoiler, son spoiler this: CODE [/spoiler] gets me this, after I press the first Spoiler button: plus the "\"Show" Button doesn't do nothing...... LE: It seems to be working properly now........... but that was...
  3. ShadowPony

    Spoiler Tags error ??

    I posted a reply that has a few spoiler tags, but I don't see the Spoiler button, but the tags and the spoiler text I wrote, is it some sort of bug ??
  4. ShadowPony

    Google purchased Youtube

    price tag for Youtube: $ 1.65 billion i guess from now on, Google will be no. 1 in the video market and MySpace will HAVE to do smth. the main article is here
  5. ShadowPony

    Invision Power Board Database Error

    got the following error several times today, twice as i was trying to post smth, and twice as i was returning to the main forum page the Error: QUOTE ERROR: Cannot find database fansubtv There appears to be an error with the Fansub TV Forums database. You can try to refresh the page...