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  1. Gattsu

    Berserk manga

    who else has seen this if so please post here and dose anyone know what the currant chapter that has been translated by Black horse is?
  2. Gattsu


    hi anybody else out there that has read this manga if so how many and how many volumes are there relced if you know ^^ any hoos anyone else for rebirth (i expect you to post simon4403)
  3. Gattsu


    hi all, have you or someone you know ever considered suicide? i am just wondering as i myself am going through a hard time and one of my best freand have comited suicide a year ago in a week i meen i find it hard to beilve that there is no one on this forum that is been afected by it at teh...
  4. Gattsu

    naruto brushes?

    a freand of mine has got hold of a naruto brush set for CS2 do any onf you have it ? if you do plz can you link me to where i canget it cos i have looked all over devinart adn other places and jsut cant find it thakns gatts
  5. Gattsu

    manga studio?

    do any of you use it if so can u help me i need a tut just to be able to do basic things thanks Gatts
  6. Gattsu

    Death note movie

    any one who waches death note should know that there is a death note movie beeing made with real ppl !!!!! and it look srealy good if you go on to a sertain well know vid site (lol guess who ) you can get the tralers and it looks just like the aniem but realy good the people that they have...
  7. Gattsu

    How Can I Improve my wallpaper?

    hi i am a noob at this ^^ but i have made a wallpaper and i like it but it need alot of inprovement and idea on how i can and if so what ? thanks ur freandly noob~ gatts
  8. Gattsu

    wrighting brushes?

    i cant find any decent one what do you lot use? cos i am trying to do grifith one and i think that it will look good with some in ^^ plz put up the name and if poss a link ^^ thansk ur freandly pain in the ass~Gatts BTW what as you all using to do the sigs i use adoby PSCS2
  9. Gattsu

    sig update probs

    every time that i tyr and update my sig i get this msg Sorry, dynamic pages in the
  10. Gattsu

    MY first ava^^

    YAY for the first time ever i actually made and avatart it is not the best by any meens but i am so happy with it ^^ i am just gooing to uplaod it now what do you thikn of my noobish skills^^ and i thnkn dragon of rune for his help with my brushes ^^ and his tut inspired me ^^ (all that...
  11. Gattsu

    where do you get the renders?

    where do all of you people get ur renders for cos i am looking for a nice easy renders cos it takes forever to get them sometimes and i just cant be bothered^^ if someone could help me i am looking for: trigun berserk tengoh tenge love hina YYH thanks in advance