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    I was watching House S03E24 (Human Error) and it got me thinking. Is change all that important? How do people adapt with new changes made in their lives? A lot of people I know tend to be hesitant about change and what consequences arise as a result of said change. I'm not talking about...
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    Here's something for you people to glare at...

    I found this on another forum so I thought it would be nice to spread this piece of art... It's........SEED RUMBLE! (Gundam SEED + School Rumble) Oh and....the bottom left panel is what nightmares are made of....
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    What anime characters you wish hadn't died?

    I mean.....May contain major spoilers...'s my list (highlight to prevent spoilerage): Haku and Zabuza - Naruto Mwu la Fraga, Klueze (he was cool...sorta) - Gundam Seed Maes Hughes (sob sob...) and Greed - Full Metal Alchemist I'll post more if i can remember them
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    Yakitate!! Japan Manga

    Just recently, I've read the Yakitate!! Japan manga (stilll ongoing) and to those of you who haven't read it, I strongly suggest you do as it gets a whole lot better... Meh, I'm bored so i decided to make a topic to relieve stress......
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    Wow......its been a long time since i've been here

    Just poppin' in to say hi.....
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    How would you describe "home"?

    Post here as many phrases and words as you want that you would classify "Home" For me, it's
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    To those who have seen it, can you tell me if it's interesting or not, what's it about etc; I'm wondering because I have access to this anime but I'm not too sure if I should watch it or not. Opinions are most welcomed
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    Post your desktops here!

    As the title says.. Post screenshots of your desktop here Here's mine: -.- I need more HD space And if you're wondering why I only have 7 Bleach episodes, the other 2 are on my brother's computer. EDIT: Yeah, you couldn't see it before because i had trouble resizing it
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    Anime Song Lyrics

    Artist: Tamaki Nami Song: Reason Anime: Gundam Seed Destiny Lyrics: tooku hanareteru hodo ni chikaku ni kanjiteru samishisa mo tsuyosa e to kawatteku kimi wo omotta nara machi mo hito mo yume mo kaete yuku jikan ni tada sakaratte ita kotoba wo kasanetemo wakariaenai koto mada shiranakatta ne...
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    Gundam Seed Destiny

    I'm suprised no-one made a thread about this. Oh well... This thread is to discuss things about Gundam Seed Destiny. For me, i can't wait to see what happens in Phase 6 Phase 5 kinda finished off with a cliffhanger (which i hate). Apart from that, this series has been really good for me so...
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    Favourite Anime Music

    Personally, i enjoy listening to music from My-HiME, Gundam Seed Destiny, Bleach (Both OP and ED) and Naruto. Post your favourite anime music here
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    Member Titles

    Like topic title states. How are the Member Titles ordered? For example: Mine is "Yayoi-chan" whilst daft's and nyunyu's are "Uduki-chan"
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    This is definately one of the top animes on my list for this season If you don't know what My-HiME is or you are interested in this anime, don't hesistate to read "My-HiME Review by random". QUOTE (random's disclaimer. Read or perish in the depths of the shadows...)This thread is intended to...
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    Ahh, exams in 2 weeks

    Boo! I got 5 exams in 2 weeks.... Maths Science History Italian English Oh well, better start studying...
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    Favourite Seiyuu

    Post your favourite seiyuu's here! My personal favourite would be Yui Horie She does a lot of voice acting for many characters including: Naru Narusegawa form Love Hina Eri Sawachika from School Rumble Honey Kisaragi / Cutie...
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    2nd Intro in a new forum

    To keep nyunyu's thread clean...I decided to post my own intro (yay! ) Age: 15 Current Education: School (Duh! ) Gender: M Born, Raised, Live in Australia (Place where Kangaroos roam our backyards....... ) Currently watching: Bleach, Naruto, My-HiME (Pretty obvious...), School Rumble...