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    Been out of the game.

    Hey, I stopped fallowing anime around the time Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya came out on dvd/blu-ray, What have I missed? The movie was great, Had no play in why I stopped.
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    I think what this site might lack is a way for people to talk about random things with each other. in the forum of a chat box or a thread that doesn't add to our post count. I think we lack a freedom of sorts to just talk to each other. also, "Level Two Access" Someone care to explain, beacuse...
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    RAID Arrays

    Anyone here have any experience with software RAID arrays?
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    Starcraft 2

    I just downloaded the closed beta today (Friend gave me a referal key) Anyone else playing?
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    Tokyo Anime Fair

    Not safe for work/Source Link Removed. Once again, Sankaku is NOT to be linked to. You have been told this at least twice in the past. STOP doing it. Anything posted Low Quality was shot from a phone/camera. Also, I do not know how to emblem youtube videos. So you get basic links. I...
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    Anime North

    I was just checking out when the next CON might be in Toronto (As it's a small buss drive away.) Sadly I just missed Anime-CON (happened over the weekend) and Stumbled across Anime North. So I can't be the only person who lives near Toronto here, Has anyone been to Anime North? Is anyone...
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    anime goods, Promo posters/Drops

    I'm looking to buy some Promo posters, anyone know of a site I might be able to find some or other kinds of anime related products? My part of Canada is only big on this stuff once a year, and any anime based shop that opens closes in a few weeks. found a couple I want one e-bay, But I'm...
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    The Great Anime Crash of 2010

    With the news that announced anime for spring 2010 total only 25, down from an incredible peak of 60 or more in the heady spring of 2006, many cannot help but conclude that the anime bubble has finally burst. Having approximately 25 titles announced so far (with at most a further 5-10...
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    You should make the *dead* link on the front page for wallpapers link to the wallpaper thread. Or make a page for it.
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    Over the last couple of days I've been having a lot of problems connecting to I will constantly send me an error saying cannot connect to server. although after 15 tries i seem to be able to connect to the site. Anyone else have this problem, or know of a solve?
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    Kannagi: Crazy Shrine Maidens

    Ehh, So I'm watching Kannagi, they're in the karaoke both, and our main chacter Jin Mikuriya walks in to the wrong booth. At first, it was just a passing thought, but I decied to go back to that scene beacuse something looked, Firmilular. What did I see? I'm pretty sure thats the Lucky star...
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    Elfen lied, Gankutsuou.

    So as some of you might have noted. I like mushrooms. If anyone else does lsd/Mushrooms and has a great story (Anime or non-Anime related) Please share, As I wish to find new things to do (or anime to watch) while on shrooms. Here's mine: Every year. me and some friends (happen to be 3 of us...
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    Let the voice of Opera be heard!

    So, I use opera, and "Chuukurai Downloader" Doesn't support opera. Can we change this fact? For me, Self service says "DENIED: FULL-SERVICE ONLY" and full-service just says the same thing. So I've changed over to torrents, as i can seed for a very long time. But some anime's I do not wish to...