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    Questionnaire about watching videos on computer

    I am in need of people to fill out a short questionnaire about watching videos on the computer. The results of the questionnaire are to be used in a program for my computer science 481 (Human Computer Interface Design) class. No name is required so the answers are anonymous and will be kept...
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    Snapshot \ Frame Capture Tutorial

    This is meant to be a simple tutorial for everyone that has been having trouble capturing frames (pictures) out of video. For Media Player Classic: First make sure under options -> output that you have VMR9 (renderless), DIRECTX 9, render video in 3D, and VMR9 mixer mode selected. Next find the...
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    Gendou Anime

    Hey guys. Just wanted to let all of you know that Gendou the site that many of us love for anime music has expanded to include full episode downloads. I found this out after having problems accessing the site and when it finally came back online they had added a new section. I haven't tried this...