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  1. wceend

    Gaki no Tsukai

    Incidentally, does anyone find these as hilarious as I do? ( I guess it counts as live action) I think they're the new year specials they're hilarious Here's a litte sample: unfortunately...
  2. wceend

    Gaming buddies

    Meow! I need some people to play videogames with! Right now I'm playing: Battlefield 3 Gotham city imposters Mass Effect 3 Diablo 3 (soon) most of my firends play xbox *pout*
  3. wceend

    wceend's art!

    Enjoy,yes..i know i need to practise arms and legs...
  4. wceend

    Learn japanese!

    ofcourse all of us here love anime , and when youre watching that Raw episode you think "crap, i dont understand a word of what theyre saying"heres the solution! Free audio japanese lessons by Japancast! these lessons are very usefull , though a lot of it most people already know because you...
  5. wceend


    i`ve been afk for a while because i have an exchange with switzerland , so ill be filling up da topics next weeek =] be prepared!
  6. wceend


    i was brwosing the FTV list and the screenhot caught my eye ( it was a girl in a bikini , how can i ignore that!) so i watched ep 1 and 2 , it was nice ima cheking out for a 26 ep series, it turns out to be there will be only 6 OVA`s , but still check it out it stuck me to my screen the whole...
  7. wceend

    ecchi thread?

    where did the ecchi threads go D:
  8. wceend

    Offline gaming

    whats going to hapen when gaming turns to the real world? , This
  9. wceend

    Photoshop tutorials

    DoR introduced me to this site, it`s very usefull! Dutch Designz have no worries the site is in english , and it also has lots of brushes and stuff ^^ good luck!
  10. wceend

    Denmark VS Islam

    I`m sure you guys have heard about the comic crisis , my personal opinion is : Do`nt mess with peoplè religion , but to react with violence and start threatning people is WAY too much . What do you guys think?
  11. wceend


    ami the onlyone annoyed by the delays on D.C.S.S and TH2? , maybe it`s not just those, does anyone know why they are delayed or something??
  12. wceend

    FRIDAY 13TH!!

    Hmm it`s friday 13th today , the legendary day of badluck! , so did u guys have bad luck today?! , i did ! myRO acc was messed up my grades at school were screwed(but that doesnt need friday 13th tho >_>)
  13. wceend

    the almighty...

    ye syes, the time is near , tomorrow at 24:00 (12:00 AM) we will blast into a brand new Anime-year 2006!! for aome it will be a few hours earlier than for others, depends on timezone eh ;P i`m posting this now because i wont be here tomorrow evening! , i mean i must blow up all my c4 ehh..imean...
  14. wceend

    Happy birthday to..

    ME , yes as from today i`m 15 , yaaay , in case you want to know , i got a dual layer(wtf? XD) dvd burner , gloves to kill the cold in my hand when i deliver my magazines in the sucky weather, and a (snowboard) bag to carry my snowboard (wow!)and my bow in! =))
  15. wceend

    Grades Grades Grades

    hmm, in all the animes they al talk about middle school high school , you got all kinds of grades , can someone tell me which ages are connected to these =P , i want to know more about it snce the school system is rather diffrent out here =)
  16. wceend

    Birthday tragedies.

    I got sick today , had to cancel my birthday party tomorrow. so i wonder , whats ur birthday tragedy? , did u ever have to cancel ur Bday fot an odd reason? , post it here =D
  17. wceend

    The Grat Contact Thread!

    The contact thread is here , yay! if you want to get in touch with the wonderfull forum people , post your msn,AIM, or whatever here!! (i know you can look it up in profiles, but this is way more fun =) , and you can ask them first! )
  18. wceend

    Chobits voice sync

    For Connor!i found this on the net , thought i`d share it with you , i dedicate this to connor =P
  19. wceend

    ~Wall Paper Thread!~

    Tired of google giving crappy results or porn (when you`re not looking for it)when you search for wallpapers? , or jsut cant find the cool one you want?. check this topic out! maybe connor will even make us some exclusive connor-class ecchi wallpapers!! well , come on ppl help us out!
  20. wceend

    Anime Sig

    hey i`m looking for a nice anime signature! , something with shuffle or ichigo 100% in it . i have photoshop myself but i`ve NEVER used it. so please make me one!