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  1. Masich

    Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon S & MiniDora (2021)

    So 4 years later, I be eating my own Words. You just had to remind me.
  2. Komi-san Chibi .gif

    Komi-san Chibi .gif

    Had to attempt a Chibi, based on a artwork
  3. Komi-san Project Desk Official gif.gif

    Komi-san Project Desk Official gif.gif

    Who else but Komi-san (don't spook her)
  4. Tao Animation Long.gif

    Tao Animation Long.gif

    I make artwork nowadays, sprite art
  5. Masich

    Still alive, Still kicking, just Busy. I still drop by every few months. I'm Always on Discord...

    Still alive, Still kicking, just Busy. I still drop by every few months. I'm Always on Discord since 2019, I always Stream on Twitch and I always give my opinion about Animes on many channels. And I also Unbox Anime Figures. Life continues.
  6. Masich

    Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon (2017)

    Obligatory Indeed, but that was to be expected xD Although now, I'm worried that this gets a 2nd season... But, the most part of myself still says NO
  7. Masich

    Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon (2017)

    Well, it was not in the original source, but they did pick a nice way of ending the season, originally Do I think this might get a 2nd season? It can, but I doubt it. It was nicely done with heartwarming scenes, However, it also had a fitting end. Overall, my rating for: Kobayashi-san Chi no...
  8. Masich

    Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon (2017)

    I knew it! They would not have shown him for 2 seconds in color during episode 11 without a reason! So my best guess is episode 13 will be the last and again different from the original source. So... curiosity is killing me! That and I hope this gets a 2nd season or they finally do Ojojojo...
  9. Masich

    Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon (2017)

    It's a fun series and really has speeded up, although in the original source
  10. Masich

    Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon (2017)

    Episode 5-7, Feels like watching a movie each time. So far, I have yet to hate Anything about this series. There is : Good writing, Good animation, Much comedy, a bit of feels here and there, lessons. The only thing I am missing is... ELMA! Should be joining soon. (I hope)
  11. Masich

    Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon (2017)

    I honestly enjoy this series, it's Chaotic, Silly & Adorable. That and I can ignore that which is the ridiculous ''sizes''. Even though the series has a bit of change in its story path, compared to the original source. It does make it a bit quicker, cutting away the unnecessary scenes leading...
  12. Masich

    Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon (2017)

    That's true. I was actually surprised about this series, was following the manga since June 2013, never thought it would get an anime, although back then I did not even know that it's from the same creator as: I Can't Understand What My Husband Is Saying, Ojojojo (Which I honestly hope also...
  13. Masich

    Mahou Tsukai no Yome

    Title: The Ancient Magus' Bride: Those Awaiting a Star Japanese: 魔法使いの嫁 星待つひと Genres: Fantasy, Magic Airing Date: 10/9/2016 - 9/9/2017 (OVA 3 Episodes) Original Creator: Kore Yamazaki Character Design: Hirotaka Katō Director: Norihiro Naganuma Written by: Kore Yamazaki, Aya Takaha Music by...
  14. Masich

    Dance With Devils

    Title: Dance With Devils Japanese: ダンス・ウィズ・デビルス Genres: Drama, Romance, Supernatural, Musical? Airing Date: 7/10/2015 (TV series 12 episodes) Original Character Designer: Hirotaka Maeda Character Designer: Yuka Takashina Director: Ai Yoshimura Series Composition: Tomoko Konparu Music by...
  15. Masich

    Noragami Aragoto

    Title: Noragami Aragoto Japanese: ノラガミ Genres: Comedy, Drama, Supernatural Airing Date: 3/10/2015 (TV series 12 episodes) Original Creator: Adachitoka Original Character Designer: Toshihiro Kawamoto Director: Kōtarō Tamura Written by: Deko Akao Music by: Taku Iwasaki Sound Director: Minoru...
  16. Masich


    Title: Shimoneta: A Boring World Where the Concept of Dirty Jokes Doesn’t Exist Japanese: 下ネタという概念が存在しない退屈な世界 Genres: Comedy, Ecchi, School (theme: Dirty Jokes) Objectionable content: Significant Age rate: R - 17+ Airing Date: 4/7/2015 (TV series 12 episodes) Original Writer: Hirotaka Akagi...
  17. Masich

    Jitsu wa Watashi wa

    Title: Jitsu wa Watashi wa English: Actually, I am... Japanese: 実は私は Genres: Comedy, Romance, Supernatural Airing Date: 6/7/2015 (TV series Unknown amount of episodes) Original Creator: Eiji Masuda Character Designer: Hirotaka Marufuji Director: Yasutaka Yamamoto Series Composition: Kenichi...
  18. Masich

    Kekkai Sensen

    Title: Blood Blockade Battlefront Japanese: 血界戦線 Genres: Action, Supernatural, Urban fantasy Airing Date: 4/4/2015 (TV series ?? episodes) *Unknown* Original Creator: Yasuhiro Nightow Original Character Designer: Koji Sugiura(creatures),Toshihiro Kawamoto Director: Rie Matsumoto Written by...
  19. Masich

    Masich the Cleaner/Redrawer

    Hello, My name is Masich (Artist/Pen name) Busy since early 2012 with fan subbing / scanlations for a bunch of random groups. Feel free to contact me for cleaning or redrawing a few manga pages (or a single page etc). I use PaintTool SAI at which I'm a perfectionist (pixel for pixel) I...
  20. Masich

    Yuri kuma Arashi

    Title: Yuri Bear Storm Japanese: ユリ熊嵐 Genres: Fantasy,Yuri Airing Date: 5/1/2014 (TV series 12 episodes) Original Creator: Kunihiko Ikuhara (Silver Link) Original Character Designer: Akiko Morishima Director: Kunihiko Ikuhara Music by: Yukari Hashimoto Sound Director: Kunihiko Ikuhara, Yō Yamada...