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    Can't acces my watchlist, scheduler etc

    I think i'm supposed to post these kinds of problems here so i'll do just that. Okay here my little problem... When i try to acces my watchlist, i can't click on it because that list that appears when you hold the mouse on your login name, disapears when i want to move the mouse to the list...
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    Anime and Government!!

    Sometimes i don't understand why the government thinks badly over anime. The government thinks anime is all about sex and violence and nothing more, that especialy goes for the Dutch government. When people tries to convince the government about the fact that anime isn't all about that, they...
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    Guess that vehicle!!

    I thought this would be a fun game... The rules are basically desame as the rules in the Guess the anime game, the only difference is that we use vehicles instead of anime... (i copied the rules of guess the anime thread and made some adjustments to those rules, if that is alright.) 1. Post a...
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    Favourite Building

    I thought it would be a good idear to make a topic about Favourite buildings, if allowed..Since i haven't found any other topic like this one... Well the Empire state building is definitely one of my fav's. For 40 years it was the tallest building. Trully an awesome building... What about...