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    S4 League

    Its a free 3rd person online shooter, similar to gunz (cant really compare as I haven't really played much of gunz). The Graphics are nice with a cartoon/anime look (similar to team fortress 2) with ranges of weapons and stylish fashion/clothes and skills. In the game at the moment there are 2...
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    Regarding "Claiming of Characters, COI proposal"

    As some of u may know recently there was a "Claiming of Characters, COI proposal" thread which has brought to our attention that there are some problems within the anime forum with certain members going on a "claiming character" frenzy. This has caused some stress among fellow members who find...
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    playing videos on a slow computer

    hey does anyone know any settings that i can change on a 700mhz notebook with 256ram to play videos without to much lag. i gotta make use of this old notebook . thx in advance
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    help with imageready

    hey anyone know how to loop only a certain part of a animated gif using image ready? (i used google and couldnt find anything about it) thx in advance
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    Anyone Dream?

    k bad title anyway does anyone here dream in black and white or just in colour. personally i dont know what colour i dream in because i rarely have dreams and when i do i only remember parts of it. but i presume i dream in colour as it sounds more likely. so anyone know anything about this fact?
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    Did u know!

    post anything here that is interesting for us to know. feel free to discuss. i was looking around and found this interesting piece of info. try to read it. I cdnuolt blveiee taht I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd waht I was rdanieg. The phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid, aoccdrnig to a rscheearch...
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    do u believe in aliens?

    sorry it may seem childish question but i am really really bored- k personally i dont know if i believe there is such thing as aliens or other signs of life outside the universe. but sometimes its hard to believe that we humans are the only intelligent lifeform in the universe. Especially when...
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    anyone know where i can get brushes .
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    hey people anyone know where i can download fonts for photoshop or would like share their fonts. thx in advance:).
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    what are you doing?

    since there is no topic on this so i made one. right now im sitting down in front of the computer being bored and typing this post.
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    how to make animated GIf?

    can somebody please tell me how they make does animated gif(moving pictures). i have got a little clip and i want to turn it into animated gif.
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    up coming series?

    anyone know any new anime series coming up because many animes series are going towards a end .
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    GOtta need help!

    can somebody please tell me how to add pictures in a post. like some of you who have pictures in your post. .